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mercury-parser - 📜 Extract meaningful content from the chaos of a web page

  •    Javascript

Postlight's Mercury Parser extracts the bits that humans care about from any URL you give it. That includes article content, titles, authors, published dates, excerpts, lead images, and more. Mercury Parser powers the Mercury AMP Converter and Mercury Reader, a Chrome extension that removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a beautiful reading view on any site.

mercury_fulltext - Enjoy full text for tt-rss.

  •    PHP

A Tiny Tiny RSS plugin written for tt-rss as a replacement for the grandpa-old plugin af_readability, which doesn't work well for many RSS sites I subscribe to. It utilizes Mercury Parser to extract the full content for feeds. An API key is required to use this plugin, which is available for free here.

lorem-ipsum-generator-generator - 🎰 Generate a lorem ipsum generator site using Mercury Web Parser

  •    HTML

Postlight's Lorem Ipsum Generator Generator creates a lorem ipsum generator site from any content on the web using Mercury Parser. Read all about it in this handy introduction. and follow the prompts.

mercury-parser-api - 🚀 A drop-in replacement for the Mercury Parser API.

  •    Javascript

This repo provides a drop-in replacement for the Mercury Parser API. In fact, this AWS Lambda-based API for running the Mercury Parser is the same code and serverless infrastructure that powered the Mercury Parser API. After you've deployed, the output of the deploy script will give you the API endpoint for your deployed function(s), so you should be able to test the deployed API via that URL.