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elasticsuite - Smile ElasticSuite - Magento 2 merchandising and search engine built on ElasticSearch

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Due to an update of the Unit test framework in Magento 2.2, we cannot ensure compatibility between ElasticSuite >2.4 and Magento 2.1.x versions. If your project is based on Magento 2.2.x you can start working with ElasticSuite today using the latest 2.5.x release.

elasticsuite-for-retailer - Smile ElasticSuite for Retailers - Magento2 toolkit for Retailers : Store Locator, Availability and Prices per store, etc


If your project is based on Magento 2.1.x you can start working with ElasticSuite for Retailer today using the latest 1.2.0-alpha1 release. This package is a suite of several modules aiming to help merchants dealing with retail and omnichannel mechanics in Magento 2 (Store Locator, Product availability/price per store, pickup in store, etc...).

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