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NyaoVim - Web-enhanced Extensible Neovim Frontend

  •    TypeScript

This is a Neovim frontend built on Electron. The Neovim editor is composed as a Web Component and users can extend the UI with reusable Web Components, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Use Vim as a component from a shell or in an IDE.

fattest-cat - Script to find fattest cat currently up for adoption at SF SPCA

  •    Javascript

Some cats are born fat, some achieve fatness, others have fatness thrust upon them. You can find all of them at the San Francisco SPCA using this tool.

cat-pad - 🐈 Left pad a string with cats

  •    Javascript

Pads input with cats on the left side if it's shorter than length. Padding cats are truncated if they exceed length.String to pad.

tmdb-cli - The movie database client

  •    Javascript

I've done this module because I spend a lot of time on terminal and sometimes is easier search movies in commandline instead of open a new browser tab and search on imdb or on tmdb.

nyan-progress-webpack-plugin - Meow

  •    Javascript

NB: use webpack.ProgressPlugin carefully with this plugin. If you used it just for progress logging, you can remove it.