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draft-js-plugins - React Plugin Architecture for Draft

  •    Javascript

High quality plugins with great UX on top of DraftJS. Join the channel #draft-js-plugins after signing into the DraftJS Slack organization or check out our collection of frequently asked questions here: FAQ.

react-mentions - @mention people in a textarea

  •    Javascript

A React component that let's you mention people in a textarea like you are used to on Facebook or Twitter. MentionsInput is the main component rendering the textarea control. It takes one or multiple Mention components as its children. Each Mention component represents a data source for a specific class of mentionable objects, such as users, template variables, issues, etc.

tribute - ES6 Native @mentions

  •    Javascript

A cross-browser @mention engine written in ES6, no dependencies. Tested in Firefox, Chrome, iOS Safari, Safari, IE 9+, Edge 12+, Android 4+, and Windows Phone. There are a few ways to install Tribute; Bower, as an NPM Module, or by downloading from the dist folder in this repo.

react-splicer - React.js component for inserting Facebook-like mentions

  •    Javascript

A React.js component for suggesting and inserting Facebook-like "mentions" in a user input element. This library is written as ES6 modules. You'll need to use Browserify or Webpack to consume it like any other modules from npm.

nodebb-plugin-mentions - NodeBB Plugin that allows users to mention other users by prepending an '@' sign to their username

  •    Javascript

This NodeBB plugin allows posters to reference (or mention) other users or groups on a NodeBB by simply precluding the @ symbol before a username. A link is automatically added to the post.

hubot-group-alias - @mentions for groups using Hubot

  •    CoffeeScript

Set the HUBOT_GROUP_ALIAS variable. Note: When set in a shell environment, you may want to put '' around your alias definition so that any ; don't try to break the command.

no-mention-spam - This very simple bot written in discord

  •    Javascript

If a user mentions more than 25 unique members in a single message, they are banned. The reasoning behind 25 users (which could be lower) is that no one should ever do that anyway, and the only instance of it ever happening is spambots that mention in the upwards of 50 users per message, as fast as they can. This disrupts the flow of conversation, and also attracts all users into the attacked servers, generally leading to more collateral spam. In extreme cases this could make the server go into "slow mode" for a while, where all operations are slowed in order for the server not to affect others on the same Discord shard.

draft-js-typeahead - Typeaheads for Draft.js inspired by Facebook.com 🔭

  •    Javascript

Typeaheads for Draft.js inspired by Facebook.com. This package provides a higher-order component that wraps draft's Editor component and augments it with typeahead superpowers. One popular use for draft-js-typeahead is to add mentions to your editors.

slate-mentions - Add support for mentions to your Slate editor.

  •    Javascript

WE'VE SWITCHED TO DRAFT.JS, SO THIS REPO IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED! If you want to develop this further please fork the repo and start working it. When you've made substantial improvements ping me (@mxstbr) on Twitter and I'd be happy to link to your fork from here. If this is your first time in this repo, this project was never more than a proof of concept/alpha version. It doesn't work well, I'd not recommend using it.

quill-mentions - mentions module for quilljs

  •    Javascript

An at-style mentions module for quilljs. Or you can just take the files from the dist folder. That works too.

laravel-mentions - End-to-end mentions in Laravel 5.

  •    PHP

This Laravel >=5.4 package provides an easy way to setup mentions for Eloquent models. It provides the front-end for inserting mentions into content-editable elements, the back-end for associating mentions with models and lastly an elegant way to notify the mentioned models that they have been mentioned.

SZMentionsSwift - Library to help handle mentions

  •    Swift

SZMentionsSwift is a lightweight mentions library for iOS. This library was built to assist with the adding, removing and editing of a mention within a textview. Below is a quick run through of the objects used in this library but as always the best place to get an understanding of the current implementation of the SZMentionsSwift library is in the example code.

bootstrap-suggest - A jQuery plugin for bootstrap that pops-up a dropdown in textarea or input textbox

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin for bootstrap that pops-up a dropdown in textarea or input textbox. Ajax is supported by having the data function return a jqXHR object. The function takes a single parameter containing the mention text string.

mentions - React Mentions

  •    TypeScript

rc-mentions is released under the MIT license.

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