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gomemcache - Go Memcached client library #golang

  •    Go

This is a memcache client library for the Go programming language (http://golang.org/).

pymemcache - A comprehensive, fast, pure-Python memcached client.

  •    Python

A comprehensive, fast, pure-Python memcached client. The pylibmc library is a wrapper around libmemcached, implemented in C. It is fast, implements consistent hashing, the full memcached protocol and timeouts. It does not provide access to the "noreply" flag. It also isn't pure Python, so using it with libraries like gevent is out of the question, and its dependency on libmemcached poses challenges (e.g., it must be built against the same version of libmemcached that it will use at runtime).

Zebra_Database, a MySQL database wrapper written in PHP

  •    PHP

Zebra_Database it is an advanced, compact (one-file only), lightweight, MySQL database wrapper built upon PHP's MySQL extension. It provides methods for interacting with MySQL databases that are more powerful and intuitive to use than PHP's default ones. It supports transactio...

rust-memcache - memcache client for rust

  •    Rust

rust-memcache is a Memcached client written in pure rust. If you have multiple memcached server, you can create the memcache::Client struct with a vector of urls of them. Which server will be used to store and retrive is based on what the key is.

ring - Shift cache paradigm to code and forget about storages

  •    Python

Let's concentrate on code, not about storages. Ring shows a way to control cache in point of view of code - not about storages. Ring's decorator is convenient but also keeping fluency for general scenarios.

go-elasticache - Thin abstraction over the Memcache client package gomemcache (https://github

  •    Go

But when using the AWS ElastiCache service you need to query a particular internal endpoint via a socket connection and manually parse out the details of the available cluster. In Ruby it seems most Memcache clients are setup to handle this for you, but in Go that doesn't appear to be the case. Hence I've created this package as a thin abstraction layer on top of the gomemcache package.

Cachalot - Caching rethought – cache a lot in a proper way.

  •    PHP

Cachalot (cache a lot) is an easy to use caching library. It supposed to do the only one thing - return cached callback result.

nds - A Go (golang) Google App Engine datastore package with strongly consistent caching.

  •    Go

Package github.com/qedus/nds is a datastore API for the Google App Engine (GAE) Go Runtime Environment that uses memcache to cache all datastore requests. It is compatible with both Classic and Managed VM products. This package guarantees strong cache consistency when using nds.Get* and nds.Put*, meaning you will never get data from a stale cache. Exposed parts of this API are the same as the official one distributed by Google (google.golang.org/appengine/datastore). However, underneath github.com/qedus/nds uses a caching stategy similar to the GAE Python NDB API. In fact the caching strategy used here even fixes one or two of the Python NDB caching consistency bugs.

overlord - Overlord is a proxy based high performance Memcached and Redis solution written in Go.

  •    Go

Overlord is a proxy based high performance Memcached and Redis solution written in Go. It is fast and lightweight and used primarily to horizontally scale your distributed caching architecture. It is inspired by Twemproxy,Codis. Congratulations! You've just run the overlord proxy.

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