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kartotherian - Map Tile Server

  •    Javascript

Maps nodejs server for vector-based tiles and snapshots, designed for Wikipedia and other sites. It ties together a number of MapBox components for vector and raster rendering based on Mapnik 3, and uses service runner for scalability, performance monitoring and stability. Kartotherian can be used as a source of the PBF data for Mapbox studio. See info about style editing in osm-bright-source. The info data is available at http://.../{style}/pbfinfo.json for pbf source, and http://.../{style}/info.json for the styled image source.

tilerator - Tile pre-generation service for Kartotherian

  •    Javascript

Generating tiles from the SQL queries sometimes requires a considerable time, often too long for the web request. Tilerator is a multi-processor, cluster-enabled tile generator, that allows both pre-generation and dirty tile re-generation. Scheduled generation job waits in the queue (kue) until it is picked up by one of the workers. The worker will update job progress, as well as store intermediate data to allow restarts/crash recovery.

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