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apps-android-wikipedia - The official Wikipedia Android app

  •    Java

This repository contains the source code for the official Wikipedia Android app.

Mediawiki tools for Office


The current version installs an Outlook 2007 plugin. This plugin adds a send to wiki command to the outlook context menu. The functionality is very similar to the behavior of the One Note plugin which is installed in office 2007.

Wiki Word Importer


The Wiki Word Importer can translate a Word document to the MediaWiki format, converting shapes and images, and automatically insert it into the MySQL database in one easy step. It can be configured to scan a directory and import multiple docs.

WikiImporter for NodeXL


Import networks from MediaWikis directly into NodeXL for analysis and visualization.



Do you hate trying to remember how to format text in Wikipedia? Do you have a bunch of Word documents that you'd like to convert to use in Wikipedia (or another site that uses the same wiki engine - aka "MediaWiki")? This .NET/VSTO add-in for Microsoft Word will allow you to...

pywikibot - 🤖 A Python library that interfaces with the MediaWiki API

  •    Python

The Pywikibot framework is a Python library that interfaces with the MediaWiki API version 1.14 or higher.Also included are various general function scripts that can be adapted for different tasks.

mwparserfromhell - A Python parser for MediaWiki wikicode

  •    Python

mwparserfromhell (the MediaWiki Parser from Hell) is a Python package that provides an easy-to-use and outrageously powerful parser for MediaWiki wikicode. It supports Python 2 and Python 3. Developed by Earwig with contributions from Σ, Legoktm, and others. Full documentation is available on ReadTheDocs. Development occurs on GitHub.

wikidata - Scripts for Wikidata

  •    Python

Scripts for Wikidata.To run these scripts, you need to install pywikibot.

mediawiki_twentyten - The TwentyTen theme for WordPress ported to a MediaWiki skin.

  •    CSS

This is a port of the TwentyTen WordPress theme to MediaWiki. Copy the files to the 'skins' directory of your MediaWiki install.

copy-as-format - Emacs function to copy buffer locations as GitHub/Slack/JIRA/HipChat/

  •    Emacs

Copy the current line or active region and add it to the kill ring as GitHub/Slack/JIRA/HipChat/... formatted code. Format defaults to copy-as-format-default. The buffer will not be modified. With a prefix argument prompt for the format.

mediawiki-title - mediawiki title normalization library

  •    Javascript

Mediawiki title normalization, that conforms to the normalization rules used in MediaWiki Core. In general, the page title is converted to the mediawiki DB key format by trimming spaces, replacing whitespace symbols to underscores and applying wiki-specific capitalization rules. The namespace name is converted to a localized canonical name.Information about a wikimedia site required to make correct normalization. This information matches the format used by the PHP API response, however not all of the fields are required for library operation.

phabricator-extensions - Github mirror of "phabricator/extensions" - our actual code is hosted in phabricator

  •    PHP

These extensions provide some basic custom functionality and integration with Wikimedia's systems.This Repository consists of a single libphutil module which can be used in phabricator by simply adding the repository root to the list of library paths specified by the key load-libraries within phabricator's config.

wiky.js - Wiky.js - a simple Javascript library to convert Wiki MarkUp language to HTML

  •    Javascript

Wiky.js is a javascript library that converts Wiki Markup language to HTML. Include wiki.js into your HTML file. Wiky.js has only one function, which is wiky.process(wikitext).

mediawiki-js - Ultra-light wrapper for Mediawiki API

  •    Javascript

Ultra-light, vanilla JavaScript wrapper of Mediawiki API for use in the browser.

copyvios - A copyright violation detector running on Wikimedia Cloud Services

  •    Mako

This is a copyright violation detector running on Wikimedia Labs. It can search the web for content similar to a given article, and graphically compare an article to a specific URL. Some technical details are expanded upon in a blog post.

earwigbot - A Python robot that edits Wikipedia and interacts with people over IRC

  •    Python

EarwigBot is a Python robot that edits Wikipedia and interacts with people over IRC. This file provides a basic overview of how to install and setup the bot; more detailed information is located in the docs/ directory (available online at PyPI). Development began, based on the Pywikipedia framework, in early 2009. Approval for its fist task, a copyright violation detector, was carried out in May, and the bot has been running consistently ever since (with the exception of Jan/Feb 2011). It currently handles several ongoing tasks ranging from statistics generation to category cleanup, and on-demand tasks such as WikiProject template tagging. Since it started running, the bot has made over 50,000 edits.

mediawiki-node-services - Run several mediawiki nodejs services (RESTBase, Parsoid) in a single docker container

  •    Javascript

Run several mediawiki nodejs services (RESTBase, Parsoid) in a single docker container. Useful for small / low-memory installs. See config.yaml for the main config file orchestrating this.

LINQ-to-Wiki - .Net library to access MediaWiki API

  •    CSharp

LinqToWiki is a library for accessing sites running MediaWiki (including Wikipedia) through the MediaWiki API from .Net languages like C# and VB.NET. It can be used to do almost anything that can be done from the web interface and more, including things like editing articles, listing articles in categories, listing all kinds of links on a page and much more. Querying the various lists available can be done using LINQ queries, which then get translated into efficient API requests.

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