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Pimcore - The leading enterprise platform for CMS/CMF, MDM, PIM, DAM and E-Commerce

  •    PHP

The Pimcore PIM module provides the world's only enterprise PIM without software cost, centralizing all your product data independently from the channel. Pimcore makes it fast and easy to manage product information. It can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital data. Provide the data to any channel such as commerce, mobile apps, print, digital signage.

Micromdm - Mobile Device Management server

  •    Go

MicroMDM is a Mobile Device Management server for Apple Devices currently focused on managing macOS. When a device enrolls (through DEP or otherwise) we want to bootstrap some tools to manage the Mac. These are agents running on a mac like Munki or Chef/Puppet which will manage the software and configuration through the lifecycle of the Mac.

zentral - Zentral is a framework to gather, process, and monitor system events and link them to an inventory

  •    Python

Zentral is a framework to gather, process, and monitor system events and link them to an inventory. Check out the Wiki to get and overview of the project and for the documentation. This is where the release notes are published too.

Headwind MDM – Open Source Mobile Device Management System for Android

  •    Java

Headwind MDM is the software for managing corporate mobile (Android-based) devices. System administrators can track phones and tablets, perform bulk installation and update of mobile applications, prevent user from entering the device settings and running unwanted apps.

MDS Administration


Master Data Services Administrator. Compare MDS models from the same or different servers

SQL Server Master Data Services Utilities


A set of useful add-ons for SQL Server Master Data Services, including utilities for generating an MDS model, loading the model, writing a custom UI for model data and integrating the model with SharePoint BCS.

cordova-plugin-emm-app-config - Cordova Plugin for EMM App Config

  •    Javascript

This plugin defines a global cordova.plugins.EmmAppConfig object, which provides information on EMM application configuration (or managed app configuration). Although the object is in the global scope, it is not available until after the deviceready event. Get value from the application configuration.

mdm - A TensorFlow implementation of the Mnemonic Descent Method.

  •    Jupyter

A Tensorflow implementation of the Mnemonic Descent Method. We are an avid supporter of the Menpo project (http://www.menpo.org/) which we use in various ways throughout the implementation.

mdm - common library for mdm command payloads and responses.

  •    Go

The mdm package holds structs and helper methods for payloads in Apple's Mobile Device Management protocol. This package embeds the various payloads and responses in two structs - Payload and Response. An MDM server will queue this request and send a push notification to a device. When device checks in, the server will reply with the queued plist.