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book - The Rust Programming Language

  •    Rust

This repo contains two editions of “The Rust Programming Language”.The second edition is a rewrite that will be printed by NoStarch Press, available around October 2017.

termbook - A runner for `mdbooks` to keep your documentation tested.

  •    Rust

termbook is a command-line tool to build mdbook's while executing codeblocks and collecting their output to become part of the mdbook. This allows to write testable documentation for command-line interfaces.

book - The Rust and WebAssembly Book


This repo contains documentation on using Rust for wasm, common workflows, how to get started and more. It acts as a guide for how to do some neat things with it. If you would like to start learning how to use Rust and WebAssembly together immediately, you can read the book online here.

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