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  •    JQuery

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin to display a countdown of the remaining characters eligible in a textarea.

run-parallel-limit - Run an array of functions in parallel, but limit the number of tasks executing at the same time

  •    Javascript

Run the tasks array of functions in parallel, with a maximum of limit tasks executing at the same time. If any of the functions pass an error to its callback, the main callback is immediately called with the value of the error. Once the tasks have completed, the results are passed to the final callback as an array.Note that the tasks are not executed in batches, so there is no guarantee that the first limit tasks will complete before any others are started.

latest-semver - Get the latest stable semver version from an array of versions

  •    Javascript

Can be useful when you have an unsorted list of versions, like git tags, and want to get the semantically latest version.Non-semver versions and prereleases are ignored.

max-timeout - The max amount of milliseconds you can pass to `setTimeout()`

  •    Javascript

A value larger than the one returned from this module, 2147483647 (~25 days), is too big to fit into a signed 32-bit integer, which is how JS engines store it, and will cause overflow, resulting in the timeout being scheduled immediately.

maxmin - Get a pretty output of the original, minified, gzipped size of a string or buffer: 130 B → 91 B → 53 B (gzip)

  •    Javascript

Useful for logging the difference between original and minified file in e.g. a build-system.Original string or its size in bytes.

glsl-map - Map a value between one range to another

  •    GLSL

This applies no clamping, so if your input value is greater than inMax, you'll receive a value greater than outMax. MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

A-NIME-Reader - Source files for the anthology "A NIME Reader Fifteen Years of New Interfaces for Musical Expression"

  •    PostScript

Source files for the anthology A NIME Reader — Fifteen Years of New Interfaces for Musical Expression, edited by Alexander Refsum Jensenius (University of Oslo) and Michael J. Lyons (Ritsumeikan University) and published by Springer in 2017. All of this requires, of course, that you have LaTeX installed on your system, with the requried packages.

statsjs - Provides functions for many of the statistical operations that you might need

  •    Javascript

Provides functions for many of the statistical operations that you might need. It also supports many of the functions on the data set that you'd expect from Underscore, such as pluck, map, and each.

cul - nodejs module to interact with busware cul / culfw

  •    Javascript

This is a Node.js module that can be used to interact with a Busware CUL (USB), COC (RaspberryPi), SCC (RaspberryPi) or CUNO running culfw. With CUL/COC/SCC/CUNO and culfw many RF devices can be controlled, like FS20, MAX!, temperature sensors, weather stations and more. See the full list of supported Devices. This module provides a thin abstraction for the serial port or telnet communication with CUL/COC/SCC/CUNO/CUNO2 and lightweight parse and command wrappers. It's intended to be used in different Node.js based Home Automation software.

semver-greatest-satisfied-range - Find the greatest satisfied semver range from an array of ranges.

  •    Javascript

Find the greatest satisfied semver range from an array of ranges. Takes a version and array of ranges, returns the greatest satisfied range. Range support is defined by sver-compat.

stream-chopper - Chop a single stream of data into a series of readable streams

  •    Javascript

Chop a single stream of data into a series of readable streams. Stream Chopper is useful in situations where you have a stream of data you want to chop up into smaller pieces, either based on time or size. Each piece will be emitted as a readable stream (called output streams).

Jitter - Syphon implementation For Jitter

  •    Max

Syphon is a system for sending video between applications. You can use it to send high resolution and high frame rate video, 3D textures and synthesized content between Max 5 / Jitter and other applications. Syphon for Jitter includes two externals, jit.gl.syphonclient & jit.gl.syphonserver.

domemaster-stereo-shader - Repository for the domemaster stereo shader (all versions)

  •    Mathematica

As life happens, both Andrew Hazelden and I (Roberto Ziche) need to move on and slow down the amount of the time we spend volunteering on the development of the Domemaster Stereo Shader. It was a nice project and had a surprisingly good adoption rate since my original experiment in mental ray ( http://www.robertoziche.com/domemaster/ ) back in 2010. And I have to thank Andrew for building an amazing Domemaster3D toolset around it, for regularly posting updates of the toolset with Windows/Linux/Mac based installer packages, and promoting it for all these years. Since both the Domemaster and Latlong lens shaders still include some unique functionality for omni-directional stereo rendering that no one else provides at the moment, we are hoping that production users who need these tools going forward could join the GitHub project as a contributor to help pick up the development effort on creating bug fixes and to assist with the end user support especially for the stereo 3D planetarium production community that this toolset was designed for.

max-control - Control a max cube with node.js

  •    Javascript

max-control is a fork of ivesdebruycker/maxcube, which seems to be actively developed, so please use it instead of this fork.

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