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maven-snapshot-accelerator - System to speed up dependency resolution when using Maven snapshots #hubspot-open-source

  •    Java

Normally, when building with Maven, it requires at least two round-trips to the remote repository to resolve each snapshot dependency, one to fetch the maven-metadata.xml and one to fetch the maven-metadata.xml.sha1 (this is assuming an update policy of always). For apps with hundreds of snapshot dependencies, this latency starts to become noticeable. And if the there is high latency to the remote repository (if these round-trips are transatlantic, for example), then the latency becomes downright unusable.In the CI use-case, the latency between our repository manager and CI server has been low enough that we've just ignored this problem. And for local development, we would either build in offline mode or set a really long interval in our update policy. But eventually you'll need to pick up a new build of a dependency or your update policy interval will lapse and then you'll have no choice but to go watch an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm while your build chugs along. So the goal of this project is to speed up this dependency resolution process when using Maven snapshots.

incremental-module-builder - Incremental Module Builder

  •    Java

If you are working with larger builds sometimes it is worth to think to build only parts of the whole reactor. So it would be nice to only build those modules which have been changed. This can be controled by using the --projects option on command line. The problem here is that you need to identify those modules which have been changed manually which can become cumbersome.

maven-notifier - Desktop notifications for Maven 3.x.

  •    Java

Notifiers that can be used with Maven 3.x. A status notification will be send at the end of a Maven build. $M2_HOME refers to maven installation folder.

maven-buildtime-profiler - Maven Build Time Profiler

  •    Java

Often you have the problem that in large builds, you need to find where time is consumed. This is an EventSpy implementation which collects all the information of all phases and mojo executions and make a summarization output at the end of the build.

gradle-git-versioning-plugin - This extension will set project versions, based on current Git branch or Git tag

  •    Java

This plugin can virtually set project version and properties, based on current Git status. ℹ No files will be modified, version and properties are modified in memory only.

maven-build-scanner - Know your build - so you can make it faster

  •    Java

Maven Build Scanner is a tool that hooks into Maven builds and produces reports and charts that breakdown the time Maven spent. These reports provide insights into your builds that can be used to tune it. It's been designed to work with large and complex builds; ones with hundreds of modules and plugins.

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