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html5.vim - HTML5 omnicomplete and syntax

  •    Vim

HTML5 + inline SVG omnicomplete function, indent and syntax for Vim. Based on the default htmlcomplete.vim. This plugin contributes to vim-polyglot language pack.

DOMPurify - a DOM-only, super-fast, uber-tolerant XSS sanitizer for HTML, MathML and SVG

  •    Javascript

DOMPurify is a DOM-only, super-fast, uber-tolerant XSS sanitizer for HTML, MathML and SVG. DOMPurify sanitizes HTML and prevents XSS attacks. You can feed DOMPurify with string full of dirty HTML and it will return a string (unless configured otherwise) with clean HTML. DOMPurify will strip out everything that contains dangerous HTML and thereby prevent XSS attacks and other nastiness.



Scientific blogging - a key issue with scientific blogging is the representation of formulas. I have built a simple tool which converts a Word document with equations into a XHTML+MathML document. So it would be possible to type up the blog entry inside MS Word 2007, and then ...

MathML to C# Converter


A stand-alone program that can take MathML (acquired, e.g., from Microsoft Word 2007) and convert it to a meaningful set of C# statements, thereby facilitating domain-driven design in engineering and mathematical applications.



A .NET 3.5 library written in C# which allows the conversion of LaTeX documents to XHTML+MathML format. A stand-alone converter is included. The license is GPL v3.

Little Wiki Plugins


Little wiki plugins is a small project for developing plugins for two popular wikis i.e. Dokuwiki and Tiddlywiki

react-math - React component to convert math text into MathML

  •    Javascript

Format math text into MathML. Uses the ascii-math module, please note not all browsers support mathml: caniuse... mathml.

mathjax-server - Node server listens for MathJax post, returns rendered math.

  •    Javascript

Nodejs server receives JSON post, returns MathJax-rendered version. A test client for the server.

mathjax-node-page - mathjax-node for pages

  •    Javascript

to install mathjax-node-page and its dependencies. Where input is a string with HTML, pageConfig specifies page-wide options, and mjnodeConfig expects mathjax-node configuration options.

mathematical - Convert mathematical equations to SVGs, PNGs, or MathML

  •    Ruby

Quickly convert math equations into beautiful SVGs (or PNGs/MathML). Note: you'll probably need to run script/bootstrap to fetch all the necessary dependencies.

mathematical-node - A Node.js port of Mathematical

  •    HTML

Quickly convert math equations into beautiful SVGs (or PNGs/MathML). A port of the Ruby Mathematical for Node.js. string_with_math should just be a string of math TeX inline ($..$) or display ($$..$$) style math.

docx2hub - Converts Microsoft docx to flat hub XML

  •    XSLT

Please note that this is just a library and not a standalone converter. For further information and an example implementation see the frontend project. Another usage example is docx2tex. If you want to include this library in your XProc pipeline, please refer to this tutorial.

mml2tex - Converts MathML to LaTeX

  •    XSLT

mml2tex is an XProc/XSLT-library to convert MathML to LaTeX. It should currently support MathML 2 and 3 presentation markup. Content markup and some MathML 1 elements are not supported.

ascii2mathml - The second ascii - MathML implimentation

  •    Javascript

This package exposes a single function ascii2mathml that intuitively takes simple mathematical expressions written in an AsciiMath dialog, and outputs verbose and ugly (but structured) MathML, that is all it does. You can use it on the command line or on the server as a node/io.js package, or in the browser by including the script source. In the browser, you choose how to parse the math in your document (by looking hard for any math-y substrings, parsing all expressions wrapped in $…$, or using some other excellent tools out there that does it for you). And you can choose what to do with the output as well (piping it to another program, calling your favorite DOM parser to inject it, or just logging it to the console).

markdown-it-math - Markdown-it plugin to include math in your document

  •    Javascript

Note: This is a general markdown-it math plugin. It was originally designed to render MathML. If you intend to use MathJax, markdown-it-mathjax might be a better choise. (See ascii2mathml for reference about the default renderer).

jPurify - jPurify

  •    Javascript

Warning: This tool is experimental and currently not maintained. Don't use it in production. jPurify is a plugin that automatically adds XSS-safety to jQuery. The reason why we do that is jQuery's lack of DOMXSS protection. We wanted to create a jQuery plugin, that adds super-easy-to-use and fully automatic HTML sanitation to the whole jQuery API. jPurify has been tested with jQuery 1.11.1 and 2.1.1. It's known to work well down until jQuery 1.5.2.

markup-inline-loader - a webpack loader to embed svg/MathML to html

  •    Javascript

This is a webpack loader. It can inline SVG or MathML file to HTML, so that you can apply css to embedded svg. In previous versions, the strict option defaults to '', which means that it will handle all svg pictures. But it easily leads to unexpected results, and now we set it to [markup-inline]: svg[markup-inline], img[markup-inline], math[markup-inline], svg[data-markup-inline], img[data-markup-inline], math[data-markup-inline].

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