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kotlintest - Powerful, elegant and flexible Kotlin test framework

  •    Kotlin

KotlinTest comes with several testing styles so you can choose one that fits your needs. Matchers are extension methods and so your IDE will auto complete. See the full list of matchers or write your own.

jest-extended - Additional Jest matchers 🃏💪

  •    Javascript

Jest is an amazing test runner and has some awesome assertion APIs built in by default. However there are times when having more specific matchers (assertions) would be far more convenient. If you've come here to help contribute - Thanks! Take a look at the contributing docs as a way of getting started.

minitest-matchers_vaccine - :syringe: Adds matcher support to minitest without all the other RSpec-style expectation "infections

  •    Ruby

Adds matcher support to minitest without all the other RSpec-style expectation infections.Using matchers with RSpec-style expectations requires that we infect the objects that we are testing with new methods. Matcher implementations are typically overkill, but there are a lot of good testing libraries that still insist on standardizing on matchers. These matchers still have some value, and this gem tries to extract that value with straight-forward assertions that adhere to the matcher spec.

json-context - Create a single object containing all data required to render a view/page that provides hooks to sync with server and data-bind with elements on the page

  •    Javascript

This module allows a server to create a JSON Context - single object that supports querying and contains all data required to render a view/page. When sent to the client it also provides an event stream for syncing with server and data-binding. The idea is it works in a similar way to your database (well depends on the database), using a update whole object at once (i.e. row/document based) aproach. Any changes that come off our database can be streamed straight in and it will figure out what local objects and fields to update, and notify that the object has been changed.

en-route - Routing for static site generators and build systems.

  •    Javascript

Routing for static site generators, build systems and task runners, heavily based on express.js routes but works with file objects. Used by Assemble, Verb, and Template. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

callee - Argument matchers for unittest.mock

  •    Python

Python's mocking library (or its backport for Python <3.3) is simple, reliable, and easy to use. But it is also a little lacking when it comes to asserting what calls a mock has received. It has plenty of matcher types to fit all common and uncommon needs, and you can easily write your own if necessary.

hamkrest - Hamcrest for Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

A reimplementation of Hamcrest to take advantage of Kotlin language features. Note: as of version, you must add kotlin-reflect to the classpath to use HamKrest's reflective features.

protractor-helpers - Set of matchers, locators, and helper functions for Protractor

  •    Javascript

This library extends Protractor API with a commonly used API. It helps write more understandable and clean tests with a well-defined separation between the test logic and the app under the test logic. It consists of four extension types: elements, helpers, locators, and matchers. The MIT License.

rspec-hanami - RSpec Matchers for Hanami

  •    Ruby

You can use familiar request helpers like #get, #post, etc. These methods make full hanami app request and return env (array with 3 elements).

jest-chain - Chain Jest matchers together to create one powerful assertion 🃏⛓

  •    Javascript

Often in Jest when you are writing tests you may want to perform multiple assertions on the same variable. Currently to achieve this you have to write an individual expect for each assertion.

jest-expect-message - Add custom message to Jest expects 🃏🗯

  •    Javascript

In many testing libraries it is possible to supply a custom message for a given expectation, this is currently not possible in Jest. jest-expect-message allows you to call expect with a second argument of a String message.

referee - Test-framework agnostic assertion and expectation library

  •    Javascript

referee is in your unit tests, deciding who passes and who fails. referee works in browsers (including old and rowdy ones, like IE6) and Node. It will define itself as an AMD module if you want it to (i.e. if there's a define function available).