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mastodon - Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community

  •    Ruby

Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server based on open web protocols like ActivityPub and OStatus. The social focus of the project is a viable decentralized alternative to commercial social media silos that returns the control of the content distribution channels to the people. The technical focus of the project is a good user interface, a clean REST API for 3rd party apps and robust anti-abuse tools. Ruby on Rails is used for the back-end, while React.js and Redux are used for the dynamic front-end. A static front-end for public resources (profiles and statuses) is also provided.

pingme - PingMe is a CLI tool which provides the ability to send messages or alerts to multiple messaging platforms & email

  •    Go

PingMe is a personal project to satisfy my needs of having alerts, most major platforms have integration to send alerts but its not always useful, either you are stuck with one particular platform, or you have to do alot of integrations. I needed a small utility which i can just call from my backup scripts, cron jobs, CI/CD pipelines or from anywhere to send a message with particular information. And i can ship it everywhere with ease. Hence, the birth of PingMe. Everything is configurable via environment variables, and you can simply export the logs or messages to a variable which will be sent as message, and most of all this serves as a swiss army knife sort of tool which supports multiple platforms.

Mstdn - Tiny web-based mastodon client for your desktop

  •    TypeScript

Mstdn is a desktop application based on the mobile version of the Mastodon page and the Electron framework. It basically uses Mastodon's mobile page and provides various desktop application features (such as desktop notifications, keybindings, and multi-account support). Mastodon is an open source project. So if you want to make a new UI, you can just fork the project, implement your favorite UI and host it on your place. Then you can participate Mastodon networks from it.

GoToSocial - Fediverse server project

  •    Go

GoToSocial is a Fediverse server project, written in Golang. It provides an alternative to existing projects such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PixelFed etc. One of the key differences between GoToSocial and those other projects is that GoToSocial doesn't include an integrated front-end (ie., a webapp). Instead, like the Matrix.org's Synapse project, it provides only a server implementation and a well-documented API. On this API, developers are free to build any front-end implementation or mobile application that they wish.

social - 🎉 Social can be used for work, or to connect to the fediverse!

  •    PHP

For more information about about our motivation and goals, read the announcement blog. Please follow this guide to enable the Emojis in the Social app.

go-mastodon - mastodon client for golang

  •    Go

mastodon client for golang

mastodon-hnbot - A bot posting the Hacker News stories with 100+ points to Mastodon

  •    Python

A bot posting the Hacker News stories with 100+ points to Mastodon.Create an account for the bot. For convenience you can use youremail+hnbot@gmail.com, to avoid registering a separate email.

emuarius - Bridge between Twitter and Mastodon

  •    Go

Bridge between Twitter and Mastodon (or any OStatus-compliant instance). Powered by go-ostatus.For the moment, this is a read-only bridge: you'll be able to see Twitter activity from Mastodon, but you won't be able to interact with it.

go-ostatus - An OStatus library written in Go

  •    Go

An OStatus library written in Go. It can be used to build custom OStatus instances (e.g. a Twitter instance).

polybot - A framework for making social media bots for multiple networks

  •    Python

Polybot is a framework for making social media bots for multiple networks in Python 3. It currently only supports post-only bots.

moa - A Mastodon <-> Twitter Cross-poster

  •    Python

Moa is a flask app and can be run with python or proxied behind something like nginx/passenger.

forget - Let your old bad posts be forgotten

  •    Python

Forget is a post deleting service for Twitter and Mastodon. It lives at https://forget.codl.fr. If you're using zsh or fish as a shell, substitute venv/bin/activate with venv/bin/activate.zsh or venv/bin/activate.fish, respectively.

mastimap - Mastodon to IMAP bridge and bash scripts to play with Mastodon (exports…)

  •    Javascript

Mastodon to IMAP bridge. Append the latest statuses of a Mastodon account to an IMAP mailbox.

hunter - A Elixir client for Mastodon, a GNU Social compatible micro-blogging service

  •    Elixir

Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on the process for submitting pull request to us. Please read CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md for details on our code of conduct.

tooty - An alternative multi-accounts Web client for Mastodon.

  •    Elm

An experimental multi-account Mastodon Web client written in Elm. Tooty is a fully static Web application running in recent browsers, you don't need any custom server setup to use it. Just serve it and you're done, or use the public version hosted on Github Pages.

hastodon - mastodon client module for Haskell

  •    Haskell

Fill client id, client secret, the email address used to sign up for the instance and password, then call functions.

wordpress-ostatus - An OStatus plugin for WordPress

  •    PHP

A bundle of plugins that turns your blog into your private federated social network. OStatus for Wordpress turns your blog into a federated social network. This means you can share and talk to everyone using the OStatus protocol, including users of Status.net/Identi.ca, gnu.social, Friendica and Mastodon.

microstatus - Lightweight Mastodon- and GNU social-compatible OStatus and ActivityPub server implementation

  •    Rust

microstatus is a lightweight Mastodon- and GNU social-compatible OStatus and ActivityPub server implementation. microstatus is still under active design and not yet ready for mainstream usage.

tusky-api - Node

  •    Javascript

This server proxies notification from the Mastodon API to Firebase push notifications for users of the Tusky app. The Tusky app registers a device with some metadata, and the server connects to the Mastodon streaming API on behalf of the device user. This server should run behind HTTPS.

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