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scantron - A distributed nmap / masscan scanning framework

  •    Python

Scantron is a distributed nmap scanner comprised of two components. The first is a master node that consists of a web front end used for scheduling scans and storing nmap scan targets and results. The second component is an agent that pulls scan jobs from master and conducts the actual nmap scanning. A majority of the application's logic is purposely placed on master to make the agent(s) as "dumb" as possible. All nmap target files and nmap results reside on master and are shared through a network file share (NFS) leveraging SSH tunnels. The agents call back to master periodically using a REST API to check for scan tasks and provide scan status updates. This is your local box, preferably Linux. Ansible >= is the minimum version required for utilizing ufw comments.

porteye - Detect alive host and open port .

  •    Javascript

use nmap & masscan detact alive host and open port, F-Nascan detact port detail.

lachesis - 👨‍💻 A work-in-progress web services mass scanner written in Rust

  •    Rust

Lachesis is a work in progress web services mass scanner written in Rust. This project was born as a simple test of the Rust's networking (and asynchronous I/O) performance, but later expanded with the intention to create a sort of "little personal Shodan", an open (and hopefully very fast) crawler that exposes the magnitude of outdated, vulnerable, misconfigured services publicly accessible around the web.