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react-maskedinput - Masked <input/> React component

  •    Javascript

A React component for <input> masking, built on top of inputmask-core. The browser bundle exposes a global MaskedInput variable and expects to find a global React variable to work with.

Silverlight InputControls

  •    Silverlight

The Silverlight Input Control is an open-source project built on top of the Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 and Silverlight 4.0, framework. It is a effort that provides powerful input controls (MaskedEdit / Validations / Attached Services) in Silverlight. It's developed in C# with .NET

react-bootstrap-maskedinput - react-maskedinput form element that works with react-bootstrap

  •    Javascript

react-maskedinput form element that works with react-bootstrap. Run npm run example or yarn example and open http://localhost:8080. Make changes in src/index.js or try different setups in example/index.js.