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angularjs-google-maps - The Simplest AngularJS Google Maps V3 Directive

  •    Javascript

Everything in tag and attributes. Thus, basic users don't even have to know what Javascript is. Expose all original Google Maps V3 api to the user. No hiding, no wraping, or whatsoever. By doing so, programmers don't need to learn how to use this module. You only need to know Google Maps V3 API.

maplace.js - A Google Maps Javascript plugin for jQuery.

  •    Javascript

Helps you to embed Google Maps into your website, quickly create markers and controls menu for the locations on map. Download the latest version of Maplace.js and include the Google Maps API v3 along with jQuery.

TileView - TileView is a subclass of android

  •    Java

The TileView widget is a subclass of ViewGroup that provides a mechanism to asynchronously display tile-based images, with additional functionality for 2D dragging, flinging, pinch or double-tap to zoom, adding overlaying Views (markers), built-in Hot Spot support, dynamic path drawing, multiple levels of detail, and support for any relative positioning or coordinate system. Properly configured, TileView can render tiles quickly enough be appear seamless.

MapMe - The Android maps adapter

  •    Kotlin

MapMe is an Android library for working with Maps. MapMe brings the adapter pattern to Maps, simplifying the management of markers and annotations. MapMe takes the pain out of click listeners too. No more setting tags on markers and trying to match a tag to your data when the click event is received.

supercluster - A crazy fast geospatial point clustering library for browsers and Node.

  •    Javascript

A very fast JavaScript library for geospatial point clustering for browsers and Node.Loads an array of GeoJSON Feature objects. Each feature's geometry must be a GeoJSON Point. Once loaded, index is immutable.


  •    Javascript

Zoopla inspired freehand polygon creation using Leaflet.js.

leaflet-tag-filter-button - Adds tag filter control for layers (marker, geojson features etc

  •    Javascript

Adds tag filter control for layers (marker, geojson features etc.) to LeafLet. You can add a new marker container layer source to plugin and the plugin searches on added source.

Leaflet.MakiMarkers - Leaflet plugin to create map icons using Maki Icons from Mapbox.

  •    Javascript

Leaflet plugin to create map icons using Maki Icons from Mapbox. Markers are retrieved from Mapbox's Static Marker API. The most recent version of Mapbox's static API (v4) requires that a valid access token be specified with every request. Please see https://www.mapbox.com/api-documentation/?language=CLI#access-tokens for more information.

staticmaps - A node.js library for creating map images with polylines, polygons and markers.

  •    Javascript

A node.js library for creating map images with polylines and markers. This library is a node.js implementation of Static Map. Image manupulation is based on GraphicsMagick. You need to install it before using staticmaps.

leaflet.marker.highlight - Highlight performance for L.marker

  •    Javascript

Highlight effects for L.marker. Highlight effects will occur in the situation that you put your mouse over the marker.

js-aruco-markers - js aruco augmented reality makers

  •    Javascript

js-aruco is a great augmented reality lib in javascript, based on ArUco, a lightweight RA based on OpenCV. This is a simple html page that generate the possible markers in canvas, so you can save the image, print them or generate them on demand.


  •    Javascript

Simple layer over Google Maps API for creating maps with markers and controlled balloons.

leaflet-color-markers - color variations of the standard leaflet marker

  •    Javascript

color variations of the standard leaflet marker

pdd - Puzzle Driven Development (PDD) collector

  •    Ruby

Also, check 0pdd.com: a hosted service, where this command line tool works for you. Read this first: PDD in Action.

nativescript-mapbox - :statue_of_liberty: :tokyo_tower: :mount_fuji: Native OpenGL powered Maps, by Mapbox

  •    TypeScript

Plugin version 4.2.0 requires iOS 9 or higher. Need to target a lower iOS version? Use a lower plugin version. You need a Mapbox API access token (they have a 🆓 Starter plan!), so sign up with Mapbox. Once you've registered go to your Account > Apps > New token. The 'Default Secret Token' is what you'll need.

imgNotes - Extension of the jQuery imgViewer plugin to add markers and notes to the image

  •    Javascript

imgNotes is a jQuery plugin that extends the imgViewer plugin to allow annotations (eg markers and notes) to be added to an image that can be zoomed and panned. It is an easily extended, responsive UI component based on the jQuery widget factory and uses Hammer.js for touch event support. It should work on all browsers and platforms supported by Hammer.js.

examples - Self-contained examples for the legacy Maps API for JavaScript.

  •    HTML

NOTE These examples are for the deprecated 2.5.4 JavaScript API. Newer 3.x examples can be downloaded here and also viewed on jsFiddle. Simple Examples: A series of graduated code examples using the Maps API for JavaScript, each example displays a short snippet of code with the correct syntax to do a specified task - for example "How do I add a Polygon to the map?" Useful when getting started, or as an aide-memoire when writing something new.

CCTag - Detection of CCTag markers made up of concentric circles.

  •    C++

Detection of CCTag markers made up of concentric circles. Implementations in both CPU and GPU. See paper: "Detection and Accurate Localization of Circular Fiducials under Highly Challenging Conditions." Lilian Calvet, Pierre Gurdjos, Carsten Griwodz and Simone Gasparini. CVPR 2016.

openui5-googlemaps - Openui5 Googlemaps library

  •    Javascript

A set of modules for OpenUI5 that adds support for using Google Maps. Data binding is fully supported.

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