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BackbonePlayground - :electric_plug: MarionetteJS, Backbone.Radio, Gulp & more

  •    Javascript

This is a testing environment for WebApps based on MarionetteJS. To run the Playground use the appropriate run-scripts.


  •    Javascript

Marionette.Toolkit is a collection of opinionated extensions for Marionette Each element helps to reduce boilerplate for complex large scale application problems. This toolkit was built from scripts open sourced from RoundingWell.com. App - An extension of Marionette.Application. Its purpose is to provide an object with a initialize/start/stop/destroy lifecycle.

marionette.component - Manage and create components for your Marionette.js application

  •    Javascript

Marionette.Component is a library for creating reusable components in Marionette.js. Marionette.Component offers an opinionated, standardized approach to creating components with your Marionette views. The library exposes an API for displaying components in Marionette regions and handles the entire view lifecycle inside the region. So why a separate layer? Aren't views good enough? Yes, but typically applications take two approaches to creating reusable components. Either you create a reusable view that may contain extra business logic or you create a parent object/controller that manages the lifecycle of the view. To help enforce separation of concerns, Marionette.Component handles the former by being a wrapper object for business logic. It handles the latter by being a parent object that offers a standardized API and manages the lifecycle of the view automatically, eliminating repeated view management patterns in applications.