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tyto - manage and organise things

  •    Javascript

Tyto arose from the want for an electronic post-it board without the need for accounts. Something simple and intuitive that could be easily shared. It's also the product of my own curiosity being used as an opportunity to pick up new tech stacks. It started as a vanilla JS app utilising one file and experimenting with HTML5 drag and drop. It then grew a little more, and a little more after that. Now it uses Backbone w/ Marionette. The next step? Most likely Angular 2.0 or React.

generator-marionette - Yeoman marionette generator a la AMD

  •    Javascript

First make sure you have MongoDB, Node, Npm, Yeoman, Bower and Grunt installed.

foxr - 🦊 Node.js API to control Firefox

  •    TypeScript

Node.js API to control Firefox. At this point Foxr is more a proof of concept, work is pretty much in progress.

marionette-wires - :shipit: An opinionated example application built with Marionette.js.

  •    Javascript

An opinionated example application built with Marionette.js. Clone or download this repo.


  •    Javascript

Make your Backbone.js apps dance with a composite application architecture!

Backbone.GroupedCollection - Backbone GroupedCollection is for creating dynamic sub-collections

  •    Javascript

Backbone GroupedCollection is for creating dynamic data strcutures like this. In which you have a collection and you want to group the models in the collection into an arbitrary number of groups, based on attributes of the models.


  •    Javascript

Backbone VirtualCollection allows you display a subset of a Backbone collection in a Backbone view that updates in real time. It works great with Marionette CollectionViews. If you're thinking "why don't you just place the models you're interested in a new collection?" the answer is that the new collection won't update itself when new models are added to the original collection, so you're creating data inconsitency. That's why we need a VirtualCollection.

view-controller - Separate business logic from UI logic in your Marionette code.

  •    Javascript

Under the pressure of the good folks at SupportKit, here's a quick README. If you are like me and despise having bloated views in your Marionette code and need a way to separate the business logic from the UI logic, this is for you. The ViewController allows you to separate concerns easily and keep a sane codebase.

laravel4-backbone-marionette - A starter project complete with a build step

  •    Javascript

This boilerplate sets up the front-end stuff for a Backbone/Marionette App. #Fast install If you're on a mac, have curl & php 5.4 or above, you're in luck - it's a one-liner for you.

marionette_client - Mozilla's Gecko Marionette client in golang

  •    Go

"Marionette is an automation driver for Mozilla's Gecko engine. It can remotely control either the UI or the internal JavaScript of a Gecko platform, such as Firefox. It can control both the chrome (i.e. menus and functions) or the content (the webpage loaded inside the browsing context), giving a high level of control and ability to replicate user actions. In addition to performing actions on the browser, Marionette can also read the properties and attributes of the DOM. Incomplete list. Check the tests for more examples.

backbone.isomorphic - Isomorphic Backbone and Marionette

  •    Javascript

Run the following commands to initialize the project. backbone.isomorphic provides npm postinstall scripts which overwrites the backbone.js and marionette.js library files. The advantage of this method is that you can continue to use standard Backbone and Marionette in your projects, then the required updates to make then work in an isomorphic environment are automatically applied for you.

generator-mario - Generator for Backbone/Marionette applications with lots of bells and whistles to help keep a non-trivial sized application moving forward at a breakneck pace!

  •    Javascript

Mario is a Marionette Yeoman generator for non-trivial Web applications. In order to install and use this generator there are several requirements you need to meet. This is a yeoman generator therefore you'll need yeoman. Yeoman runs on NodeJS therefore you'll need to install node (version 0.12 or above) and npm (version 2.0 or above).

backbone.react-view - A simple Backbone View for rendering React components.

  •    Javascript

A simple Backbone View for rendering React components. Then just use that copy of ReactView.

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