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grid-styled - Responsive React grid system built with styled-system

  •    Javascript

The Box component handles width, margin and padding. All grid-styled components use styled-system for style props, which pick up values from a theme and allow for responsive styles to be passed as array values.

PinLayout - Fast Swift Views layouting without auto layout

  •    Swift

Extremely Fast views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. PinLayout can layouts UIView, NSView and CALayer. 📌 PinLayout is actively updated. So please come often to see latest changes. You can also Star it to be able to retrieve it easily later.

element-size - Get the size of an element in pixels, including margins

  •    Javascript

Given a DOM element, return an array containing that element's width and height in pixels.MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

SpicyTaco.AutoGrid - A magical replacement for the built in WPF Grid and StackPanel

  •    CSharp

A magical replacement for the built in WPF Grid and StackPanel. NOTE: I'm in the process of renaming this project from SpicyTaco.AutoGrid to SpicyTaco.WpfToolkit. This is because I plan to add more useful features to this package beyond just AutoGrid.

famous-boxlayout - Layout-view for quickly setting margins or creating flexible layouts

  •    Javascript

Box-layout takes an margins argument as input and then creates a layout accordingly. Box-layout is intended to be very lightweight and will only create layout-contents and properties for which an margin was specified. For instance, if all margins would be set to 0, then box-layout would create only one modifier, wrapped in a RenderNode, and that would be assigned to .middle. A secondary goal of Box-layout is to reduce boilerplate code that you need to write when using layout-views such as GridLayout or FlexibleLayout. Because Box-layout exposes the renderables as properties, you can simple call <property>.add() to add modifiers and surfaces. Box-layout is modelled after the HeaderFooterLayout view and should be very familiar to use.

polygon-offset - Small lib for polygon offsetting(margin/padding)

  •    Javascript

Small lib for polygon offsetting(margin/padding). See the example of how it can be used with Leaflet. It handles quite well oddly shaped and concave polygons. The reason I wrote this is that the only working solution to this problem known to me is Angus Johnson's Clipper library. Library is huge and offsetting in it is subroutine.

postcss-logical - Use logical properties and flow-relative values in CSS

  •    CSS

PostCSS Logical Properties and Values lets you use logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings in CSS, following the CSS Logical Properties and Values specification. Otherwise, consider using the dir option to transform all logical properties and values to a specific direction.

UINavigationItem-Margin - Margins for UINavigationItem

  •    Objective-C

Margin for UINavigationItem. Just set leftMargin and rightMargin of your UINavigationItem.

16pixels - 16pixels

  •    HTML

16pixels.css is a set of CSS rules to ensure consistent 16 pixels based typography. Pixels are used for font sizes and line heights, as well as for paddings and margins. Can be used as typography normalizer. No dependencies. Wrap your HTML content with class .col and you are done.


  •    HTML

Typeboost.css is a set of CSS rules to ensure readable, scalable and responsive typography. REMs are used for font sizes, paddings, and margins. Can be used as typography normalizer. No dependencies. Wrap your HTML content with class .col and you are done.

react-spaceman - React component to manage whitespace

  •    TypeScript

React component to manage whitespace inside components and between components. Inspired by Nathan Curtis’ article Space in Design Systems.

css-spaces - A simple CSS spacing library for margins, paddings, widths, heights and more

  •    CSS

Many libraries try to do everything: sizes, typography, buttons, grid, helpers. CSS Spaces concentrates on one thing only: some classes to add spaces between elements. Use it with whatever framework or library you like. Add classes to create paddings and margins.

postcss-verthorz - PostCSS plugin to add vertical and horizontal spacing rules

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to add vertical and horizontal spacing shorthand. See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment.


  •    Javascript

Dai.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to build applications on top of MakerDAO's Dai Stablecoin System. You can use Maker's contracts to open Collateralized Debt Positions, withdraw loans in Dai, trade tokens on OasisDEX, and more. The library features a pluggable, service-based architecture, which allows users maximal control when integrating the Maker functionality into existing infrastructures. It also includes convenient configuration presets for out-of-the-box usability, a powerful smart contract state inspector, and support for both front-end and back-end applications.

stack-styled - Stacking layouts for React

  •    Javascript

React component to make stack layouts easy: adds whitespace horizontal and vertical whitespace between each child element but not around the container. Based on styled-system and CSS Grid. We recommend to use this component with Grid Styled. See documentation & examples.