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paasta - An open, distributed platform as a service

Want to know more about the opinions behind what makes PaaSTA special? Check out the PaaSTA Principles.Note: PaaSTA has been running in production at Yelp for more than a year, and has a number of "Yelpisms" still lingering in the codebase. We have made efforts to excise them, but there are bound to be lingering issues. Please help us by opening an issue or better yet a pull request.

Trafik - A Modern Reverse Proxy

Træfik (pronounced like traffic) is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. It supports several backends (Docker, Swarm mode, Kubernetes, Marathon, Consul, Etcd, Rancher, Amazon ECS, and a lot more) to manage its configuration automatically and dynamically.

dcos - DC/OS - The Datacenter Operating System

The easiest way to run microservices, big data, and containers in production. Like traditional operating systems, DC/OS is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

swan - A Distributed, Highly Available Mesos Scheduler, Inspired by the design of Google Borg

Swan is a Mesos framework forcus on long running tasks, which inspired by Marathon, written with Golang and base on latest Mesos HTTP API.With Swan you can deploy long running application on mesos cluster, control lifecycle of the application, scale up or scale down any instances size you want, can also do rolling-update with new versions base on flexible health checks defined by you. Swan also designed for high avaliability which means any server crash wouldn't affect running applications. with service discovery and API gateway build-in, service discovery made easy.

Pheidippides - Smart Timing Solution

Pheidippides - Smart Timing und Managementsystem für Sportveranstaltungen wie Laufen, Walking oder Radfahren.

chapi - chronos & marathon console client - Manage your jobs like a git repository

Chronos and marathon api client for your console.It is possible to use either of the systems independently or both at once.

marathon-appcop - Marathon applications law enforcement

Marathon AppCop - Marathon applications law enforcement.In large Mesos deployments there could be thousands of applications running and deploying every day. Sometimes they happen to be broken, forgotten and unmaintained which could exert pressure on cluster in numerous ways.

marathon-consul - Integrates Marathon apps with Consul service discovery.

Register Marathon Tasks as Consul Services for service discovery.marathon-consul takes information provided by the Marathon event bus and forwards it to Consul agents. It also re-syncs all the information from Marathon to Consul on startup and repeats it with given interval.

beethoven - Mesos/Marathon, Docker Swarm HTTP Proxy via NGINX

Beethoven is an application written in Go that automatically configures Nginx for applications deployed on Marathon/Mesos or Docker Swarm. Beethoven runs in Docker and can be managed by the scheduler to provide HTTP loadbalancing.Beethoven runs in your cluster as a container managed by Marathon or Docker Swarm Mode. This allows for horizontal scaling across the cluster. Supervisor is leveraged to manage both Nginx and Beethoven since we are running two executables in a single container.

sbt-marathon - An sbt plugin for launching application containers on the Mesosphere Marathon platform

An sbt plugin for launching application containers on the Mesosphere Marathon platform.Add the following line to project/plugins.sbt. See the Using plugins section of the sbt documentation for more information.

go-marathon - A GO API library for working with Marathon

Note: the library is still under active development; users should expect frequent (possibly breaking) API changes for the time being.It requires Go version 1.6 or higher.

marathonspawner - Spawns JupyterHub single user servers in Marathon

A simple plugin for JupyterHub to spawn single user notebook servers on Marathon.

puppet-marathon - Puppet Module for Mesos Marathon

Provides a class to install the Marathon framework for Mesos. The marathon module sets up marathon on a mesos cluster.

lighter - Marathon deployment automation tool

Lighter solves the problem of automating deployments to Marathon and handling of differences between multiple environments. Given a hierachy of yaml files and environments, Lighter can expand service config files and deploy them to Marathon. For even tighter integration into the development process, Lighter can resolve Marathon config files from Maven and merge these with environment specific overrides. This enables continuous deployment whenever new releases or snapshots appear in the Maven repository. Optional version range constraints allows patches/minor versions to be rolled out continuously, while requiring a config change to roll out major versions.