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sequelize-auto - Automatically generate bare sequelize models from your database.

  •    Javascript

Automatically generate models for SequelizeJS via the command line.You will need to install the correct dialect binding globally before using sequelize-auto.

MappingGenerator - :arrows_counterclockwise: "AutoMapper" like, Roslyn based, code fix provider that allows to generate mapping code in design time

  •    CSharp

I would like to thank all of you who contributed to this product by reporting issues, testing, authoring PRs, or buying me coffee. PR authors (except the Only README Updaters) and Coffee Buyers will be awarded with a special license for MappingGenerator for free - I will send them an email with details in a few days. You can download it as Visual Studio Extension from Visual Studio Marketplace.

SimpleFlatMapper - Fast and Easy mapping from database and CSV to POJO

  •    Java

Fast and Easy mapping from database and CSV to POJO. It is a java micro ORM, lightweight alternative to iBatis and Hibernate. It supports Fast Csv Parser and Csv Mapper.

Object-SharePoint Mapper


Simple object-SharePoint mapper (think nHibernate) that use only attributes for mapping configuration. Tested in production. Implementation ideas borrowed from Davy Brion (http://davybrion.com) and his series "Build Your Own DAL".

Value Injecter - convention based mapper


ValueInjecter lets you define your own convention-based matching algorithms (ValueInjections) in order to match up (inject) source values to destination values.

ASP.NET MVC Attribute Based Route Mapper


This is a helper extension which automatically registers all website routes containing inside custom attributes in ASP.NET MVC controller methods.

Emit Mapper


Powerful customisable tool for mapping entities to each other. Entities can be plain objects, DataReaders, SQL commands and anything you need. The tool uses run-time code generation via the Emit library. It is usefull for dealing with DTO objects, data access layers an so on.


  •    CSharp

T4 object-to-object mapper generator for C#.

Fluent O' Mapper


FluentOMapper (FOM) is a framework to describe an execute mappings from objects tree to others using their properties (getters and setters). It uses lambda expressions to describe mapping, so refactoring is simple. Easy to use either for DTO or complex situations, FOM provid...


  •    CSharp

A .NET Object Mapper for MongoDB over MongoDB C# Driver

Serpent - A protocol to serialize Swift structs and classes for encoding and decoding.

  •    Swift

Serpent (previously known as Serializable) is a framework made for creating model objects or structs that can be easily serialized and deserialized from/to JSON. It's easily expandable and handles all common data types used when consuming a REST API, as well as recursive parsing of custom objects. Designed for use with Alamofire. It's designed to be used together with our helper app, the Model Boiler, making model creation a breeze.

FlatFiles - Reads and writes CSV, fixed-length and other flat file formats with a focus on schema definition, configuration and speed

  •    CSharp

Reads and writes CSV, fixed-length and other flat file formats with a focus on schema definition, configuration and speed. Supports mapping directly between files and classes.As a bonus for those of you using FlatFiles, as of version 1.2, you should now be seeing a nearly 2x performance improvement over previous versions, both read and write, both CSV and fixed-length. I spent some time playing with BenchmarkDotNet and using the profiler to squeeze every ounce of performance out of FlatFiles.

AgileMapper - A zero-configuration, highly-configurable object-object mapper with viewable execution plans

  •    CSharp

AgileMapper is a zero-configuration, highly-configurable object-object mapper with viewable execution plans via a static or instance API. It targets .NET Standard 1.0 and .NET 4.0.

gs-xsd2bean - A dependency-free XML to Object Mapper

  •    Java

Xsd2bean is an XML to object mapper. Given an xsd, it will generate java code that represents the model described in the xsd with the ability to read an xml and create the java objects and vice versa (unmarshall/marshall).

p-map - Map over promises concurrently

  •    Javascript

Useful when you need to run promise-returning & async functions multiple times with different inputs concurrently.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when all promises in input and ones returned from mapper are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfilled value is an Array of the fulfilled values returned from mapper in input order.

mongodm - A golang object document mapper (ODM) for MongoDB

  •    Go

The mongodm package is an object document mapper (ODM) for mongodb written in Go which uses the official mgo adapter. You can find an example API application here. Collection naming in this package is switched to Model.

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