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chunk-manifest-webpack-plugin - Allows exporting a manifest that maps entry chunk names to their output files, instead of keeping the mapping inside the webpack bootstrap

  •    Javascript

Allows exporting a JSON file that maps chunk ids to their resulting asset files. Webpack can then read this mapping, assuming it is provided somehow on the client, instead of storing a mapping (with chunk asset hashes) in the bootstrap script, which allows to actually leverage long-term caching.

m3u8 - Parser and generator of M3U8-playlists for Apple HLS. Library for Go language. :cinema:

  •    Go

This is the most complete opensource library for parsing and generating of M3U8 playlists used in HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS) for internet video translations. The library covered by BSD 3-clause license. See LICENSE for the full text. Versions 0.8 and below was covered by GPL v3. License was changed from the version 0.9 and upper.

pwacompat - PWACompat to bring Web App Manifest to older browsers

  •    Javascript

For more on the Web App Manifest, read 📖 how to add a Web App Manifest and mobile-proof your site, watch 📹 theming as part of The Standard, or check out 📬 the Web Fundamentals post on PWACompat.

phar-updater - A thing to make PHAR self-updates easy and secure

  •    PHP

You have a phar file to distribute, and it's all the rage to include a self-update command. Do you really need to write that? Here at Humbug Central, our army of minions (all ten of them) have written one for you. Apart from the detailed documentation below, you can find the package being used in almost every possible way within Humbug's self-update command as part of a Symfony Console based PHAR which you may freely reuse.

MSBuild Directory Manifest Generator


The Directory Manifest Generator creates an XML directory manifest for a specified target directory. It is designed to be run through a command-line or as an MSBuild task. It is developed in C#, using Visual Studio 2008 but targeting .Net 2.0.

ClickOnce master


Wizard for easy creation of ClickOnce applications.

User Account Control Helpers


The User Account Control Helpers library is an open project supporting the UAC feature of Windows Vista. It facilititates interaction with the UAC mechanism, handles manifest creation, extraction and embedding, and more.

cordova-custom-config - Cordova/Phonegap plugin to update platform configuration files based on preferences and config-file data defined in config

  •    Javascript

The purpose of this plugin is to enable manipulation of native platform configuration files that are not supported out-of-the-box by Cordova/Phonegap CLI. The plugin uses hook scripts to update iOS and Android platform configuration files based on custom data defined in config.xml.

Apicurio Registry - An API/Schema registry - stores and retrieves APIs and Schemas

  •    Java

Apicurio Registry is an API/Schema registry - stores and retrieves APIs and Schemas.

office-addin-validator - Tool to help validate Microsoft Office Add-in manifest files.

  •    TypeScript

Note: Because it calls into the store, you must be connected to the internet in order to use this tool.If you are interested in contributing, read the Contributing Guidelines.

glue - Server composer for hapi.js

  •    Javascript

calling each based on the configuration generated from the Glue manifest.Glue's API is a single function compose accepting a JSON manifest specifying the hapi server options and registrations.

webtamp - Asset bundler. Companion to bundlers like Webpack.

  •    Javascript

webtamp is bundler for assets. It is inspired by webpack, and meant to be a companion to JS-driven bundlers like webpack. You can do a lot of cool and useful things with webpack and its plugin community. However, there are a number of things that either can't be done at all, or can be done poorly and with difficulty by plugin that hack webpack in a way it wasn't meant for. The webpack authors are very clear about the scope and boundaries of webpack and fair enough.

manifest-revision-webpack-plugin - Write out a manifest file containing your versioned webpack chunks and assets

  •    Javascript

What if you could easily format the output of the above file so it worked with existing frameworks such as Ruby on Rails? Sure, no problem buddy. What if you want a custom output format that's not included? Again, no problem. Just pass in a function as the format option and it will get used. This is explained in more detail below in the API section.

phaser-webpack-loader - Asset loader for Phaser + Webpack.

  •    Javascript

Instead of manually calling game.load.image, game.load.audio, etc for every asset in your game (and then dealing with caching issues), phaser-webpack-loader lets you define all assets in a simple manifest file and handles the rest for you. View sample usage in this Phaser ES6 Boilerplate.

grunt-rails-asset-digest - grunt-rails-asset-digest

  •    CoffeeScript

Rails 4 significantly changed how the asset manifest is generated. As such if you are still on Rails 3.2 (using manifest.yml) you should use v0.3.2 of this plugin npm install grunt-rails-asset-digest@0.3.2 --save; v0.4.0 tracks support for Rails 4 and above. This plugin is intended to be used by those who are integrating a grunt workflow alongside of the sprockets-rails. As such, this task expects to be run after the sprockets-rails has generated an asset manifest.json file.

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