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Excel-DNA makes it easy to create high-performance Excel add-ins with user-defined functions, ribbons and real-time data streams using .Net - C#, VB.NET or F#.


Ghostscript.NET is a C# managed wrapper library around the 32-bit & 64-bit Ghostscript library, an interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF.

Managed Metadata Manager

This simple tool allows you take make individual and bulk changes to Managed Metadata on any SharePoint 2010 environment.

Onyx Managed Game Engine

A game engine project based off Greg Dolley's quake3 managed port http://gregs-blog.com/2008/01/22/update-quake-3-arena-net-port-is-done/ , the aim of witch is creating a very mod friendly game engine


Managed helper object to access NTFS Change Journals, written in C#.

JobObjectWrapper - A .Net wrapper over the Win32 Job Object mechanism

A job object allows a group of processes to be managed as a unit. Job objects are namable, securable, sharable objects that control attributes of and assign limits to the processes associated with them. Operations performed on the job object affect all processes associated wit...

Managed Meizu SDK Wrapper ??SDK????

The project provides an opensource managed wrapper for SDK of Meizu cell phones, currently for M8. With the help of this library, applications for Meizu cell phones can be developed with .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET. ?????????????(???M8)????????????????C# VB?.NET???????

IPC - IPC is a C++ library that provides inter-process communication using shared memory on Windows

IPC is a C++ library that provides inter-process communication using shared memory on Windows. A .NET wrapper is available which allows interaction with C++ as well.Integration with Bond is available at IPC.Bond.

symreader-converter - Converts between Windows PDB and Portable PDB formats.

Converts between Windows PDB and Portable PDB formats.Pre-release builds are available on MyGet gallery: https://dotnet.myget.org/Gallery/symreader-converter.

cordova-plugin-emm-app-config - Cordova Plugin for EMM App Config

This plugin defines a global cordova.plugins.EmmAppConfig object, which provides information on EMM application configuration (or managed app configuration). Although the object is in the global scope, it is not available until after the deviceready event. Get value from the application configuration.