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  •    CSharp

Excel-DNA makes it easy to create high-performance Excel add-ins with user-defined functions, ribbons and real-time data streams using .Net - C#, VB.NET or F#.


  •    CSharp

Ghostscript.NET is a C# managed wrapper library around the 32-bit & 64-bit Ghostscript library, an interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF.

Managed Metadata Manager


This simple tool allows you take make individual and bulk changes to Managed Metadata on any SharePoint 2010 environment.

Onyx Managed Game Engine

  •    C++

A game engine project based off Greg Dolley's quake3 managed port http://gregs-blog.com/2008/01/22/update-quake-3-arena-net-port-is-done/ , the aim of witch is creating a very mod friendly game engine


  •    DotNet

Managed helper object to access NTFS Change Journals, written in C#.

JobObjectWrapper - A .Net wrapper over the Win32 Job Object mechanism

  •    DotNet

A job object allows a group of processes to be managed as a unit. Job objects are namable, securable, sharable objects that control attributes of and assign limits to the processes associated with them. Operations performed on the job object affect all processes associated wit...

Managed Meizu SDK Wrapper ??SDK????

  •    DotNet

The project provides an opensource managed wrapper for SDK of Meizu cell phones, currently for M8. With the help of this library, applications for Meizu cell phones can be developed with .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET. ?????????????(???M8)????????????????C# VB?.NET???????

IPC - IPC is a C++ library that provides inter-process communication using shared memory on Windows

  •    C++

IPC is a C++ library that provides inter-process communication using shared memory on Windows. A .NET wrapper is available which allows interaction with C++ as well.Integration with Bond is available at IPC.Bond.

symreader-converter - Converts between Windows PDB and Portable PDB formats.

  •    CSharp

Converts between Windows PDB and Portable PDB formats.Pre-release builds are available on MyGet gallery: https://dotnet.myget.org/Gallery/symreader-converter.

cordova-plugin-emm-app-config - Cordova Plugin for EMM App Config

  •    Javascript

This plugin defines a global cordova.plugins.EmmAppConfig object, which provides information on EMM application configuration (or managed app configuration). Although the object is in the global scope, it is not available until after the deviceready event. Get value from the application configuration.

serverless-attach-managed-policy - Attaches the provided ManagedPolicyARN to all Roles in the service

  •    Javascript

A serverless plugin to automatically attach an AWS Managed IAM Policy (or Policies) to all IAM Roles created by the Service. For a single Policy.


  •    C++

IPC.Bond is an extension of IPC library that provides inter-process communication using shared memory on Windows with Bond serialization. Start with C++ and C# tests.


  •    Go

Managed Certificates in GKE simplify user flow in managing HTTPS traffic. Instead of manually acquiring an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority, configuring it on the load balancer and renewing it on time, now it is only necessary to create a Managed Certificate k8s Custom Resource object and provide a domain for which you want to obtain a certificate. The certificate will be auto-renewed when necessary. For that to work you need to run your cluster on a platform with Google Cloud Load Balancer, that is a cluster in GKE or your own cluster in GCP.

ofc-bootstrap - Bootstrap OpenFaaS Cloud for your team

  •    Go

How? By automating the whole installation of OpenFaaS Cloud on Kubernetes into a single command and CLI. You can use this tool to configure a Kubernetes cluster with OpenFaaS Cloud. You just need to complete all the pre-requisites and fill out your init.yaml file then run the tool. It automates several pages of manual steps using Golang templates and bash scripts so that you can get your own OpenFaaS Cloud in around 1.5 minutes.

managed-cryptocurrencies-bitcoin - This is a fork of https://github

  •    C++

This is a research project to implement the concepts described in the below paper on creating a managed cryptocurrency architecture by modifying the implicit Bitcoin specification. This work is being done by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The code here is NOT production code. It is experimental research code that is under development. A stable version is expected to be available, partially implementing the concepts in the paper, by March 2019. Abstract: Blockchain based cryptocurrencies are usually unmanaged, distributed, consensus-based systems in which no single entity has control. Managed cryptocurrencies can be implemented using private blockchains but are fundamentally different as the owners have complete control to do arbitrary activity without transparency (since they control the mining). In this work we explore a hybrid approach where a managed cryptocurrency is maintained through distributed consensus based methods. The currency administrator can perform ongoing management functions while the consensus methods enforce the rules of the cryptocurrency and provide transparency for all management actions. This enables the introduction of money management features common in fiat currencies but where the managing entity cannot perform arbitrary actions and transparency is enforced. We thus eliminate the need for users to trust the currency administrator but also to enable the administrator to manage the cryptocurrency. We demonstrate how to implement our approach through modest modifications to the implicit Bitcoin specification, however, our approach can be applied to most any blockchain based cryptocurrency using a variety of consensus methods.

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