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bettercap - A complete, modular, portable and easily extensible MITM framework.

  •    Ruby

bettercap is a complete, modular, portable and easily extensible MITM tool and framework with every kind of diagnostic and offensive feature you could need in order to perform a man in the middle attack. All dependencies will be automatically installed through the RubyGems system but in some cases you might need to install some system dependency in order to make everything work.

bettercap - The Swiss Army knife for 802

  •    Go

bettercap is the Swiss Army knife for 802.11, BLE and Ethernet networks reconnaissance and attacks. A precompiled version is available for each release, alternatively you can use the latest version of the source code from this repository in order to build your own binary.

MITMf - Framework for Man-In-The-Middle attacks

  •    Python

This project is no longer being updated. MITMf was written to address the need, at the time, of a modern tool for performing Man-In-The-Middle attacks. Since then many other tools have been created to fill this space, you should probably be using Bettercap as it is far more feature complete and better maintained. This tool is based on sergio-proxy and is an attempt to revive and update the project.

ssh-mitm - SSH man-in-the-middle tool

  •    Shell

This penetration testing tool allows an auditor to intercept SSH connections. A patch applied to the OpenSSH v7.5p1 source code causes it to act as a proxy between the victim and their intended SSH server; all plaintext passwords and sessions are logged to disk. Of course, the victim's SSH client will complain that the server's key has changed. But because 99.99999% of the time this is caused by a legitimate action (OS re-install, configuration change, etc), many/most users will disregard the warning and continue on.

pokemon-go-mitm - 🎁 Pokemon Go MITM Proxy - Intercepts the traffic between your Pokemon Go app and their servers, decodes the protocol and gives you a handy tool to enrich your own game experience on the fly

  •    CoffeeScript

Pokemon Go MITM Proxy - Intercepts the traffic between your Pokemon Go App and their servers, decodes the protocol and gives you a handy tool to enrich your own game experience by altering the data on the fly.

bettercap-ng - bettercap-ng is a complete reimplementation of bettercap, the Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring

  •    Go

bettercap-ng is a complete reimplementation of bettercap, the Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring. It is faster, stabler, smaller, easier to install and to use. In this repository, BetterCAP is containerized using Alpine Linux - a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox. The resulting Docker image is relatively small and easy to manage the dependencies.

gattacker - A Node

  •    Javascript

A Node.js package for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Man-in-the-Middle & more. If you run "central" and "peripheral" modules on separate boxes with just one BT4 interface, you can leave the values commented.

bcc - An IPP tool to Man-in-the-Middle all traffic to a local printer

  •    Javascript

This is an example of a Bonjour/Zeroconf Man-in-the-Middle attack. This software showcases the attack of an IPP enabled printer. It will intercept all print jobs sent to the target printer.This attack only works for Bonjour/Zeroconf and IPP enabled printers. Only jobs sent from clients that have the printer configured using Bonjour/Zeroconf will have their jobs intercepted.

mitmjs - Be a Man-In-The-Middle between two hosts

  •    Javascript

Make sure you have libpcap installed. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

SSLCertificateChecker-PhoneGap-Plugin - :passport_control: Prevent Man in the Middle attacks with this Cordova plugin

  •    Objective-C

This plugin can be used to add an extra layer of security by preventing 'Man in the Middle' attacks. When correctly used, it will be very hard for hackers to intercept communication between your app and your server, because you can actively verify the SSL certificate of the server by comparing actual and expected fingerprints. You may want to check the connection when the app is started, but you can choose to invoke this plugin everytime you communicate with the server. In either case, you can add your logic to the success and error callbacks.

striptls - proxy poc implementation of STARTTLS stripping attacks

  •    Python

A generic tcp proxy implementation and audit tool to perform protocol independent ssl/tls interception and STARTTLS stripping attacks on SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, NNTP, XMPP, ACAP and IRC. --generic-ssl-intercept is a global switch to enable generic ssl/tls handshake detection and session conversion. Can be combined with any mangle/vector.

mitm-omegle - Watch strangers talk on Omegle (man in the middle attack)

  •    CoffeeScript

First of all, don't forget to change the interests. Go into index.coffee and put in interests that you want your stranger to chat about. P.S. I'm not responsible for your actions.

swat-proxy - A node

  •    Javascript

swat-proxy is a tool to easily inject content, such as Javascript web applications, onto third party web pages. This is useful in the development of applications intended for third party use. It can also be useful in establishing a general proxy server for use in applications that might need to regularly transform requested content. swat-proxy acts as a man-in-the-middle between browser and server, altering the server response for specified pages. The browser renders the modified response as if it came directly from the server itself. This allows viewing and interacting with content on the target page.