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scalloc - A Fast, Multicore-Scalable, Low-Fragmentation Memory Allocator

  •    C++

scalloc provides general-purpose memory allocation involving many threads on many cores can be done with high performance, multicore scalability, and low memory consumption. The main ideas behind the design of scalloc are: uniform treatment of small and big objects through so-called virtual spans, efficiently and effectively reclaiming free memory through fast and scalable global data structures.

jemalloc - Scalable, Concurrent, Malloc Implementation

  •    C

jemalloc is a general purpose malloc(3) implementation that emphasizes fragmentation avoidance and scalable concurrency support. It is intended for use as the system-provided memory allocator, as in FreeBSD's libc library, as well as for linking into C/C++ applications. jemalloc provides many introspection, memory management, and tuning features beyond the standard allocator functionality.

ralloc - An alternative pure-Rust memory allocator.

  •    Rust

A fast & memory efficient userspace allocator. This allocator is used as the default Redox.

ndarray-scratch - Pooled memory for ndarrays

  •    Javascript

A simple wrapper for typedarray-pool. I got tired of manually constructing ndarrays from typedarrays, and so this module saves some keystrokes/sanity.Creates a scratch ndarray initialized to 1 if all indices equal, 0 otherwise.

typedarray-pool - Reuse typed arrays

  •    Javascript

A global pool for typed arrays. Allocates a typed array (or ArrayBuffer) with at least n elements.

Heap-Layers - Heap Layers: An Extensible Memory Allocation Infrastructure

  •    C++

Please read COPYING for licensing information. Heap Layers is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

gostore - Storage algorithms.

  •    Go

Package storage implement a collection of storage algorithm and necessary tools and libraries. Applications wishing to use this package please checkout interfaces defined under api/.

was-not-wasm - A hostile memory allocator to make WebAssembly applications more predictable.

  •    Rust

A hostile memory allocator to make WebAssembly applications more predictable. The WebAssembly memory model doesn't offer any protection against buffer underflows/overflows.

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