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maintainers-guide-to-staying-positive - Don't let the trolls get you down! Use this as a reference to avoid open-source burnout and keep doing what you love: writing code! Contributions and any kind of improvements are very welcome!


This guide was written by me, Jon Schlinkert, programmer, public speaker and author of more than 1,100 code projects. I have published code projects in several different languages, but most are JavaScript. 60+ of my projects receive more than 1 million downloads/month, with the total exceeding 380 million downloads/month. This brief guide is a distillation of my experiences as a maintainer. If you find this useful (and I hope you do!), please consider following me on github or twitter to receive updates about this and other projects I maintain.

prm - Pull Request Manager for Maintainers

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If you are a maintainer of Open Source Software, you need to review a lot of PR, this tool is made for you. With the GitHub feature ("repository maintainer permissions on existing pull requests"), now we can edit real PR branch. This tool allow to easily manage PR branches and remotes.

maintainer - :octocat: :man_technologist: :whale: Generate AUTHORS, CONTRIBUTING, and CHANGELOG for your GitHub repository

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Maintainer is a CLI app which helps you to generate AUTHORS, CHANGELOG.md, CONTRIBUTING.md and so on based on the repository in GitHub. It makes your repository more contributor-friendly. There is only one configuration now: the token in GitHub. The token can be created from https://github.com/settings/tokens/new?description=Maintainer%20CLI%20token, you only need "repo" scope for private repositories.

labeler - Manage labels on GitHub as code

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Label management (create/rename/update/delete) on Github as code. Get binaries for OS X / Linux / Windows from the latest release.

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