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  •    C

Citadel is a collaboration suite (messaging and groupware). It provides support for Email, Calendaring/Scheduling, Address books, Bulletin boards, Mailing List Server, Instant Messaging, Wiki, Multiple domain support.

James - Enterprise Mail Server

  •    Java

James (a.k.a Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) is a 100% pure Java SMTP and POP3 Mail server, and NNTP News server designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail/messaging engine solution based on currently available open messaging protocols.

Listmonk - High performance, self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager with a modern dashboard

  •    Go

listmonk is a standalone, self-hosted, newsletter and mailing list manager. It is fast, feature-rich, and packed into a single binary. It uses a PostgreSQL database as its data store. It has been in active use at zerodha.com for several months where it has processed hundreds of campaigns and tens of millions of e-mails.

FUDforum - Fast Uncompromising Discussion forum

  •    PHP

FUDforum (Fast Uncompromising Discussion Forum) has the ability to generate forum web pages extremely fast. It can also act as a Mailing List Manager, USENET newsreader and even an XML Feed Aggregator. This will allow you to build an instant community and consolidate all your messages into a single system. Its features include Templating System, i18n Support, Polls, Full text search, Custom tags, IP tracking and lot more.

Sympa - Mailing List Server

  •    Perl

Sympa is an opensource mailing list manager. It provides advanced features with a rich and secure web interface. It is scalable for big mailings lists ( > 700.000 list members). It supports various authentication method (SSO, LDAP, X509), Web archive with access control, Message removal, Automatic bounce management.

GroupServer - Mailing List Manager

  •    C++

GroupServer has an email interface like Mailman, and a web interface like Google Groups. It helps users to read and post messages and files, and configure their settings with a single web interface.

nanolist - mailing lists - the unix way

  •    Go

nanolist is a lightweight mailing list manager written in Go. It's easy to deploy, and easy to manage. It was written as an antithesis of the experience of setting up other mailing list software. nanolist is controlled by emailing nanolist with a command in the subject.

colossus - Self-hosted email marketing solution

  •    Python

Self-hosted email marketing solution. Compatible with any SMTP email service. More Colossus screenshots.

sympa - Sympa, Mailing List Management Software

  •    Perl

Sympa is an electronic mailing list manager. It is used to automate list management functions such as subscription, moderation and management of archives. Sympa also manages sending of messages to the lists, and makes it possible to reduce the load on the system. Provided that you have enough memory on your system, Sympa is especially well adapted for big lists. For a list with 20 000 subscribers, it takes 5 minutes to send a message to 90% of subscribers, of course considering that the network is available. Sympa est un gestionnaire de listes électroniques. Il permet d'automatiser les fonctions de gestion des listes telles les abonnements, la modération et la gestion des archives. Sympa gère également le renvoi des messages adressés aux listes et permet de limiter la charge sur le système. Dans des configurations avec suffisamment de mémoire, Sympa est particulièrement adapté aux grandes listes. Avec une liste de 20 000 abonnés, il faut 5 minutes pour envoyer un message à 90% des abonnés, lorsque le réseau est disponible bien évidemment.

discussions - Get in touch with the DLang community


DLang-community is a GitHub organization which maintains D packages that are important to the D ecosystem. This organization was formed by annoyance of needing to fork popular repositories to get fixes merged. Similarly to std.experimental, projects are still driven by their original authors if they have the time. However, small bug fixes don't need to wait in the queue for months, and in case the author is completely gone, the DLang community has one upstream repository instead of ten different forks containing the same fix. Moreover, thanks to being a larger organization, the overhead of a project can be distributed and more easily automated (e.g. documentation builds, binary releases etc.).

mail - Mail server and template manager for Containerum

  •    Go

Mail is a mail server and template manager for Containerum. Please submit all contributions concerning Mail component to this repository. Contributing guidelines are available here.

tinycampaign - tinyCampaign is a simple and lightweight newsletter system built on a nice Bootstrap and the Liten framework

  •    Javascript

tinyCampaign is a simple and lightweight newsletter system built on a nice Bootstrap and the Liten framework. You can send out simple and beautiful HTML emails with ease. You must use an SMTP account in order to send out emails. This is to help reduce spam as well as to better identify spammers abusing the system. Visit the KnowledgeBase for detailed installation instructions.

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