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mailit - A tiny drop-in REST API to send emails

  •    Javascript

A tiny drop-in REST API to send emails.Mailit is a drop-in microservice for sending emails over a REST API.

Nodemailer - Send e-mails with Node.JS – easy as cake!

  •    Javascript

Nodemailer is a module for Node.js applications to allow easy as cake email sending. The project got started back in 2010 when there was no sane option to send email messages, today it is the solution most Node.js users turn to by default.

email-spec - Collection of RSpec/MiniTest matchers and Cucumber steps for testing email in a ruby app using ActionMailer or Pony

  •    Ruby

A collection of matchers for RSpec, MiniTest and Cucumber steps to make testing emails go smoothly. This library works with ActionMailer and Pony. When using it with ActionMailer it works with ActiveRecord Mailer, and action_mailer_cache_delivery.

resque_mailer - Rails plugin for sending asynchronous email with ActionMailer and Resque

  •    Ruby

A gem plugin which allows messages prepared by ActionMailer to be delivered asynchronously. Assumes you're using Resque for your background jobs. Note that recent (2.0+) versions of Resque::Mailer only work with Rails 3.x or later. For a version compatible with Rails 2, specify v1.x in your Gemfile.

Swift Mailer - Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP

  •    PHP

Swift Mailer is a component based mailing solution for PHP. It is highly object-oriented by design and lends itself to use in complex web application with a great deal of flexibility.

Swift Mailer - Powerful component based mailing library for PHP

  •    PHP

Swift Mailer is an established project that aims to provide the most flexible, powerful and cleanly written implementation of an outgoing mailer for PHP. It helps to Send emails using SMTP, sendmail, postfix or a custom Transport implementation of your own.

Mail Delivery Helper


Mail Delivery Helper is a component that helps you send e-mail from your application, and maintaing your list of recipients. Non-working e-mail addresses will be deleted. Encoding of e-mail will be set correctly, you can have the component add parameters to all links in the e-...



Newsletter web application system is an ideal marketing tool and a fantastic way of drawing visitors back to your web site. The newsletter system which can used as hosted solution for many websites. The newsletter is a essential E-Mail marketing tool for any business. A s...

SharePoint Team-Mailer


A SharePoint 2007 solution for sending (and archiving) e-mails to SharePoint Groups.

TFS Mailer


I done this because my role as administrator of TFS i needed sometimes a way to mail to users in TFS. * You can send mail to users in a specifc role in a repositorys. * Send mail to all users within a specific role in TFS.

lettre - A mailer library for Rust

  •    Rust

Lettre is a mailer library for Rust. The lettre tests require an open mail server listening locally on port 2525 and the sendmail command.

Stampie - Library for using online Email providers

  •    PHP

Stampie is a simple API Wrapper for different email providers such as Postmark and SendGrid. It is very easy to use and to integrate into your application as demonstrated below with a SendGrid mailer.

preview-email - Automatically opens your browser to preview Node

  •    HTML

NOTE: You should probably just use email-templates directly instead of using this package.The function previewEmail returns a Promise which resolves with a URL. We automatically open the browser to this URL unless you specify the third argument open as false (see Options for more info).

Yii-MultiMailer - Yii extension for sending or saving emails

  •    PHP

Yii extension for sending or saving emails with templates and attachments.This extension allows to send emails with the help of PHPMailer class or to store emails in database (for example to send them later using Java workers).

play-mailer - Play mailer plugin

  •    Scala

Play Mailer is a powerful Scala Mailing library. It provides a simple configurable mailer. For Play 2.4.x or lower, please read the README on the older 5.x branch.

express_mailer - An easy way to send yourself or your team emails about what happens in your rails application

  •    Ruby

ExpressMailer is intended to be a quick and easy way to send yourself or your team members nice looking emails about things that happen in your rails application. No need for creating a new Mailer, copy views, wade through email HTML, or any of that. Just tell ExpressMailer a few things about what you want to send, and it makes a pre-designed ActionMailer object you can manipulate or deliver. ExpressMailer is not intended to be a replacement for your user transactional emails (signups, notifications, etc). While there's nothing really stopping you from using it as such, it's probably never going to be flexible enough to satisfy all the needs of transactional emails. For user facing stuff, you should actually make something that's better and more personalized than ExpressMailer.

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