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react-native-magic-move - Create magical move transitions between scenes in react-native 🐰🎩✨

  •    Javascript

A follow up project called react-native-shared-element has been created which can be considered the successor to react-native-magic-move. It it an all native solution that provides superior performance (no more passes over the react-native bridge) and transitions. It however does not support some of the more exotic transition types (flip, shrinkAndGrow) that Magic Move does. It also doesn't support the web-platform yet and requires native extensions to run. New users are advised to use react-native-shared-element when possible. As for Magic Move, no more new developments will be started for Magic Move, merely critical bug-fixes. This notification will be updated as development on react-native-shared-element progresses. * The native extensions are recommended to get the best performance, but they are not required. This makes it possible to use react-native-magic-move with expo or react-native-web. If you're having trouble installing the native extensions, please see this guide on how to install them manually.

react-navigation-magic-move - Bindings for using react-navigation with react-native-magic-move 🐰🎩✨

  •    Javascript

react-native-magic-move triggers its animations whenever it detects that a new MagicMove view has been mounted. However, navigation libraries such as react-navigation keep components mounted for better performance and faster switching. This means that actions such as back navigation, tab switching or modal popups don't trigger an animation or don't trigger it consistently. This binding solves that problem by installing a hook that forwards the navigator scene information to react-native-magic-move. Magic-move will now animate your components when transitioning from one scene to another. If you want to opt-out of transitions, then use the disabled prop to turn off transitions towards that scene or component.