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yagmail - yagmail makes sending emails very easy by doing all the magic for you

  •    Python

The goal here is to make it as simple and painless as possible to send emails. Similarly, I make use of having my username in a file named .yagmail in my home folder.

magic - CSS3 Animations with special effects

  •    CSS

If you want to use magic animations in react, see react-magic repository. This is a sample code on hover with jQuery, first you include the class "magictime" and after your desired animation.

sparkmagic - Jupyter magics and kernels for working with remote Spark clusters

  •    Python

Sparkmagic is a set of tools for interactively working with remote Spark clusters through Livy, a Spark REST server, in Jupyter notebooks. The Sparkmagic project includes a set of magics for interactively running Spark code in multiple languages, as well as some kernels that you can use to turn Jupyter into an integrated Spark environment. There are two ways to use sparkmagic. Head over to the examples section for a demonstration on how to use both models of execution.

magic_get - std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code

  •    C++

This C++14 library is meant for accessing structure elements by index and providing other std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code. Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.

mmmagic - An async libmagic binding for node.js for detecting content types by data inspection

  •    C++

An async libmagic binding for node.js for detecting content types by data inspection.detectFile(< String >path, < Function >callback) - (void) - Inspects the file pointed at by path. The callback receives two arguments: an < Error > object in case of error (null otherwise), and a < String > containing the result of the inspection.

Cxx.jl - The Julia C++ Interface

  •    Julia

The Julia C++ Foreign Function Interface (FFI) and REPL. You will need to install Julia v0.6 (or later).

MirrorMirror - Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most capable programmer of them all?

  •    ApacheConf

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most capable programmer of them all?

Magic Cove : A Card Game Simulator


Magic Cove: A Card Game Simulator is a program that allow users to battle against friends in the game Magic the Gathering or another card game.(Developed in C#)


  •    WPF

UrzaGatherer is a WPF 4.0 client application to handle Magic The Gathering cards collections. You can manage expansions, blocks and all informations about cards. You can browse and search for specific cards.

live-patch - patch the source code of a running program

  •    Javascript

Currently this module is nothing more than cheap parlor tricks.Whether any module claiming these features can ever be more than flimsy cardboard is an open question.

magic-iterable - Call a method on all items in an iterable by calling it on the iterable itself

  •    Javascript

Uses the Proxy API.Returns a version of iterable that when you call a method on it, it will call that method on all items in the iterable and return an array with the result.

witchcraft - Opionated PHP magic methods as traits for PHP 5.4+

  •    PHP

Opionated PHP magic methods as traits. You can install latest version using composer.

chord-magic - Musical chord parser, transposer, and disambiguator in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Chord Magic is a parser, disambiguator, transposer, and pretty-printer for musical chords. It runs in Node.js and the browser. Use browserify or just take the browser builds from the dist directory, which will simply give you a window.chordMagic object.

palenight.vim - Soothing color scheme for your favorite [best] text editor

  •    Vim

A dark color scheme for Vim/Neovim based off the Material Pale Night color scheme. Much of the work is based on the lovely onedark.vim color scheme. Contribute to this color scheme and earn your spot in this section of the README.

metrick - 📏 Babel-powered unit magick

  •    Javascript

Metrick is a library which allows you to convert units and avoid using magic numbers! In combination with a JavaScript syntax extension included with Babel, it allows for a new, clean and human-like syntax for doing so. The explicit syntax makes use of an in function to convert the original unit into another supplied unit. Passing a valid Unit object of the same type to in will return the result as a number.

ascii-art-reverse - reverses ascii art

  •    Javascript

This package is essentially a rainbow being farted from the aft portion of a unicorn. It's pure magic. Like I said, MAGIC.

node-mkm-api - Node.js wrapper for MagicCardMarket API

  •    Javascript

Node.js wrapper for MagicCardMarket API

dotfiles - Opinionated garbage for your terminal. Gotta get that yolo swag.

  •    Vim

Opinionated garbage for my dotfiles setup. Uses yadm to manage them in your home. Used daily by a few people at this point. Lord Zulu help them.

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