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awesome-magento2 - Curated list of awesome Magento 2 Extensions, Resources and other Highlights


Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN) The Magento Extension Developers Network (ExtDN) is a vetted network of extension developers whose core business is to develop and sell quality Magento extensions. I founded ExtDN to bring accountability and trust to the Magento extension market. ExtDN members agree to hold themselves accountable to high standards of coding, copyright and business conduct. To the extent possible under law, David Lambauer has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

magento2-gmail-smtp-app - Configure Magento 2 to send email using Google App, Gmail, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Microsoft Office365 and many other SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers

  •    PHP

Configure Magento 2 to send all transactional email using Google App, Gmail, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Microsoft Office365 or other SMTP server. Sending transactional emails to customers is a vital part of running an e-commerce store. Our free custom Magento extension integrates with all major email service provider and third-party SMTP server to reliably deliver messages in customers' inbox.

magento2-easy-template-path-hints - Magento 2 Easy Template Path Hints

  •    PHP

Magento 2 Easy Template Path Hints is used to enable the template path hints on the fly just by using query strings.

magedbm2 - Magento 2.x Database Backup Manager

  •    PHP

Looking for Magento 1.x support? Head over to magedbm. magedbm2 is a database backup manager for Magento 2.

Magento2-WidgetImageUpload - Simply add an image to your widget in Magento 2

  •    PHP

This module provides a simple Image Uploader for Widgets based on the Gist from @cedricblondeau. If you encounter any problems or bugs, please create an issue on GitHub.

magento2-checkout-success-misc-script - Add Miscellaneous HTML and JavaScript codes to Magento2 checkout conformation page

  •    PHP

Add miscellaneous HTML and scripts quickly and easily to your Magento2 checkout success page. Ideal for testing new page styling of your order confirmation page, adding new static blocks or other customization to your checkout page. Easily preview and make changes using our Preview Order Confirmation Page extension without having to placing a new order or modifying Magento's core source code.

magento2-google-tag-manager - Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Data Layer for Magento2

  •    PHP

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a user-friendly solution which simplifies the process of adding, edit and manage JavaScript tags and other snippets of code on your Magento site. You can quickly and easily add Facebook tags, AdWords Conversion Tracking, Remarketing, DoubleClick code, Google Analytics and many more in a breeze without the need for a developer to make changes to your Magento code base. GTM makes running your digital marketing campaigns much easier when calibrating with multiple department and agencies by making available the right set of tools so that everyone can get their job done quickly. Want to track more? Upgrade to our new Enhanced E-commerce for Google Tag Manager to take full advantage of Google Analytics most powerful e-commerce features. Gain valuable insight and increase your conversion rate by leveraging Google Enhanced Ecommerce to understand the value of each user actions and behaviors.

magento2-guest-to-customer - Guest to Customer for Magento2 - Quickly and easily convert existing guest checkout customers to registered customers

  •    PHP

In general E-commerce, shoppers do not like to create an account during checkout and often opt to checkout as a guest customer instead of a reguistered user. As a Magento store owner, if your online store sells products in various colors, sizes or other customizable items then you may be dealing with canceling and rewriting orders on a daily bases because of customers' change of heart after purchasing or they simply want to be able to get order status updates. Perfect for reordering or modifying existing order without having to manually copy all of your customer existing billing and shipping information. Our free Guest to Customer extension for Magento2 quickly and seamlessly convert any guest order and transferred all order and customer information over as a registered customer and notifying the user on how to access their newly created customer account.

magento2-preview-checkout-success-page - Quickly and easily preview and test your Magento2 checkout success page, without placing a new order each time

  •    PHP

Styling and testing Magento's order confirmation page can be a very difficult and time-consuming process since the order success page display is only displayed once after completing the lengthy checkout process. Changing your page content or testing a new CSS style will automatically redirect you to an empty shopping cart page on page refresh. Our free magento2 extension allows you to quickly test Google Universal Analytics (gtag.js), Google Tag Manager, Enhanced Ecommerce or other miscellaneous HTML, scripts and code snippets. Easily preview and make changes to your success page without placing a new order or modifying Magento's core code, perfect for Magento frontend developers. After installing our extension you can navigate to the module preference in store configuration section and specify an order number and then preview the success page for that order, view HTML source and search for specific javascript snippet or share a link to preview on other devices. For security, the generated link is only valid for a short period of time which can be changed base on your needs.

magento2-reindex - Reindex your Magento2 store quickly and easily from backend/admin, instead of command line

  •    PHP

Reindexing your Magento 2 store from Magento's admin has been removed and your only option is to set your indexes to "Update on Save" or reindex using SSH / CLI command line which is time-consuming. With our free Reindex module for Magento 2, you can quickly and easily update individual or all indexes from within your Magento admin. Ideal for project managers or QA department during site development and testing of new product and functionality. This module is not meant for large productions environment. By default, you can set your store indexers to "Update on Save" or "Update by Schedule". Setting your Magento store to index on save will update your indexes when admin changes occur, while update by schedule only run at a set interval by your cron job. In your server cron must be set up correctly for "Update by Schedule" to work which must be set up by a developer, system admin or hosting company.

Magento-Quickorder - Magento Quickorder module, enables bulk order creation by inputting SKUs & quantities

  •    PHP

This extension was developed to enable merchants to allow customers to place multiple orders of various quanities quickly, in an effort to promote B2B capabilities for Magento Commerce. This extension contains the ability to create quickorders for a number of products automatically. Popesites is an E-Commerce software development and website marketing firm located in San Jose, California.

magento-collect - A Polymer e-commerce element for Magento 2

  •    HTML

#UseThePlatform! The magento element is used to integrate Magento 2 through its RESTful APIs directly into a Polymer app or website. The magento-collect element is an extension for Polymer and handles the collection of Magento 2 data through its REST API.

magento-2-banner-slider - Magento 2 Banner slider for Magento is jQuery banner Slider you can create Unlimited beautiful responsive banner Slider

  •    PHP

Mageplaza Banner slider for Magento 2 is an banner slider extension for Magento that enables you to create image carousel slider, image scroller and video LightBox. The extension supports images, YouTube, Vimeo, mp4 and webm videos. It's fully responsive, works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Fully written in jQuery, touch enabled extension based on OWL Carousel that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider.

magento2-pdf-generator2 - Invoice PDF Generator For Magento 2

  •    PHP

Magento 2 Invoice PDF Generator - helps you to customize the pdf templates for Magento 2. If you have an enabled template and a default template for the store you need your template the system will print the pdf template. Add a new template from the "Add new template" button. This will prompt you with a set of fields.

magento2-warehouses - Module to separate the stock on different store views based on warehouses.

  •    PHP

Because the Magento community is currently https://github.com/magento-engcom/magento2/wiki/Technical-Vision.-Catalog-Inventory we nare not longer maintaining this module. Module can be used to separate the stock on different store views based on warehouses with grid for fast stock status editing.

importexportfree - Improve default Magento 2 Import / Export features - cron jobs, CSV , XML , JSON , Excel , mapping of any format, Google Sheet, data and price modification, improved speed and a lot more!

  •    PHP

We’ve started a new project aimed at improving the default Magento 2 import / export functionality. Although this process is significantly refined now, it still lacks some important features; therefore we are developing this Magento 2 extension. As of now, Improved Import and Export extension is a solid solution for improving Magento 2 import and export processes. The extension offers a complete solution for Magento 2 import/export automation.

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