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Nim - Nim is a compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language with a design that focuses on efficiency, expressiveness, and elegance (in the order of priority)

This repository contains the Nim compiler, Nim's stdlib, tools and documentation. For more information about Nim, including downloads and documentation for the latest release, check out Nim's website.More platforms are supported, however they are not tested regularly and they may not be as stable as the above-listed platforms.

Haxe - The Cross-Platform Toolkit

Haxe is an open source toolkit that allows you to easily build cross-platform tools and applications that target many mainstream platforms.

sparkler - Native pattern matching for JavaScript

Sparkler is a pattern matching engine for JavaScript built using sweet.js macros, so it looks and feels like native syntax. It has no runtime dependencies and compiles down to simple ifs and fors. Sparkler overloads the function keyword as a macro (don't worry, all your old functions will still work) but implements a slightly different syntax. There's no argument list after the name or function keyword. Instead the function body is just a set of ES6 style arrow-lambdas separated by commas.

scala-logging - Convenient and performant logging library for Scala wrapping SLF4J.

Scala Logging is a convenient and performant logging library wrapping SLF4J.If you are looking for a version compatible with Scala 2.10, check out Scala Logging 2.x.

babel-plugin-macros - 🎣 Enables zero-config, importable babel plugins

Check out this guest post on the Babel.js blog for a complete write up on the problem, motivation, and solution.Currently, each babel plugin in the babel ecosystem requires that you configure it individually. This is fine for things like language features, but can be frustrating overhead for libraries that allow for compile-time code transformation as an optimization.

miniMAL - A Delightfully Diminutive Lisp

A Delightfully Dimuntive Lisp.The miniMAL core interpreter is implemented in less than 1024 bytes of JavaScript (uglify/regpack). There is also an implementation of miniMAL in python (1.4K as a pyz file) and ClojureScript (1.8K after minification).

ki - lisp + mori, sweet.js

See ki-lang.org for more information or try ki straight in your browser. ki is a lisp with Clojure data structures and semantics that can be intermixed with Javascript code at any level.

Foundatio.Parsers - A lucene style query parser that is extensible and allows modifying the query.

A lucene style query parser that is extensible and allows additional syntax features. Also includes an Elasticsearch query_string query replacement that greatly enhances its capabilities for dynamic queries.In the sample below we will parse a query and output it's structure using the DebugQueryVisitor and then generate the same exact query using the parse result.

node-comment-macros - JavaScript comment macros useful for injecting logging, tracing, debugging, or stats related code

Node / JavaScript comment macros useful for injecting logging, tracing, debugging, or stats related code.I wouldn't recommend this at the library level, normally even at the application level I wouldn't recommend it, but some of our projects require a lot of logging and metrics, so this helps cut the clutter.

007 - Small experimental language with a license to macro

Prague, Czech Republic. Around two o'clock at night. A single car pulls up to the section headquarters. Section chief JOHN DRYDEN gets out and looks around him before getting into the empty building.

dodrugs - A macro-powered dependency injector for Haxe

DoDrugs is a dependency injection (get it!!) library for Haxe. Unlike doing actual drugs, it is safe, because it uses macros to check all of your dependencies at compiletime.

diesel - Boilerplate-free Tagless Final / typed-final / Finally Tagless DSLs in Scala

To use diesel in your project, add it to your build. The @diesel annotation cuts out the boilerplate associated with writing composable Tagless Final DSLs.

broccoli-sweetjs - Transpile Sweet.js macros

Issues with the output should be reported on the Sweet.js issue tracker.A list of macros you want to use.

macro-visit - A macro-based generic visitor generator

Generated visitors can be very useful for traversing and transforming AST (Abstract Syntax Tree).Macro will look for all subtypes of Ast and then will generate traversal code for it with provided visitors. Visit takes 2 functions as an argument enter and leave which both have Ast ⇒ VisitorCommand type.

ZLang - A plugin framework for namespace macros in C/C++

A plugin framework for namespace macros in C/C++. Now, its gotten even uglier. Well ZLang can help solve these problems without uglifying macros like this.

react.hiccup - React 0% JSX, 100% hiccup

React.hiccup is a complete replacement for JSX written in sweet.js. React.hiccup uses a very clean, minimalistic notation - no HTML tags and no curly braces in HTML elements.

happy_with - Avoid commas on Elixir's with special form.

Tiny syntax sugar around Elixir's with special form. Because I'm happy on how Elixir's with special form works, and can get used to the <- arrow but I still dont like to place commas between all the with expressions.

pipe_here - An Elixir macro for easily piping arguments at any position.

An Elixir macro for easily piping arguments at any position. The pipe_here macro lets you specify the argument position while piping values by using the _ placeholder.

ast-util - Utilities for AST transformers.

Utilities for AST transformers. Returns a call to Array.prototype.slice with node as the context and begin and end as the arguments to slice.