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bitbar - Put the output from any script or program in your Mac OS X Menu Bar

  •    Objective-C

BitBar (by Mat Ryer - @matryer) lets you put the output from any script/program in your Mac OS X Menu Bar. And finally...

YapAnimator - Your fast and friendly physics-based animation system.

  •    Swift

Because it's insanely easy to use and makes beautiful animations, that's why. There are other physics-based animation systems out there (e.g. UIKit's spring animations, Facebook's Pop), but they still require writing too much code, bookkeeping, and hand-holding for our taste. YapAnimator represents a distilled n-th iteration of code that we've been using in our own apps for years. We find it invaluable in our day-to-day and think that you will too. YapAnimator comes with a handy extension bolted on to CALayer and UIView/NSView, providing one-liner animations under the animatedLayer and animated properties, respectively.

timer-app - A simple Timer app for Mac

  •    Swift

Drag the blue arrow to set a timer. Release to start! Click to pause. When the time is up, a notification will show up with a nice sound.

awesome-mac -  Now we have become very big, Different from the original idea

  •    HTML

 Now we have become very big, Different from the original idea. Collect premium software in various categories. Feel free to star and fork. Any comments, suggestions? Let us know!. We love PRs :) Please take a look at the Contributing guidelines before opening one. Follow the awesome list.

EvilOSX - An evil RAT (Remote Administration Tool) for macOS / OS X.

  •    Python

Warning: Because payloads are created unique to the target system (automatically by the server), the server must be running when any bot connects for the first time. For more information on SemVer, please visit https://semver.org/.

awesome-macos-command-line - Use your macOS terminal shell to do awesome things.


A curated list of shell commands and tools specific to OS X. If you want to contribute, you are highly encouraged to do so. Please read the contribution guidelines.

xbar - Put the output from any script or program into your macOS Menu Bar (the BitBar reboot)

  •    Go

xbar (the BitBar reboot) lets you put the output from any script/program in your macOS menu bar. And finally...

brewformulas.org - A website to search and discover formulas from Homebrew for Mac

  •    HTML

Brewformulas.org is a website to easily search and discover Homebrew formulas. Their descriptions are automatically extracted with different strategies. This repository hosts the source code of http://brewformulas.org/. It is a Rails 5 and Ruby 2 application using Twitter bootstrap 4 for the UI and sidekiq for the background jobs.

macports-ports - The MacPorts ports tree

  •    Perl

This repository contains the source definitions for the open source software packages offered through MacPorts. Check the Problem Hotlist and FAQ to see if your problem is mentioned, and search Trac to see if there are any open tickets.

torus-cli - A secure, shared workspace for secrets

  •    Go

A secure, shared workspace for secrets. Manifold provides binaries of torus-cli for OS X, Linux and Windows on amd64.

sxkdvm - SXKDVM - OSX Docker KVM / Run an OSX KVM virtual machine inside a Docker container.

  •    Shell

Run an OSX KVM virtual machine inside a Docker container. This project permits to run an OSX virtual machine (KVM) inside a Docker container.

osx-iso -  Create a bootable ISO of OS X / macOS, from the installation app file

  •    Shell

Create a bootable ISO of OS X / macOS, from the installation app file. The appropriate installation app file(s) must be located in /Applications i.e.

codechecker - CodeChecker is an analyzer tooling, defect database and viewer extension for the Clang Static Analyzer and Clang Tidy

  •    Python

CodeChecker is a static analysis infrastructure built on the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer toolchain, replacing scan-build in a Linux or macOS (OS X) development environment. In OSX environment the intercept-build tool from scan-build is used to log the compiler invocations.

Mac - Mac系统、Mac软件的操作和使用技巧整理,正在不断完善中。努力做到最全。微信公众号:生命团队。



robovm - Ahead of time compiler for JVM bytecode targetting iOS, Mac OSX and Linux

  •    Java

The RoboVM compiler translates Java bytecode into native ARM or x86 code. Apps run directly on the CPU. No interpreter or virtual machine involved.

slack-dark-mode - Slack Dark Mode for macOS Desktop

  •    CSS

Store scripts and Style sheets for Slack Desktop Dark Mode. Native Dark Mode in Slack isn't available as of this writing. Due to the changes in Slack 4.0+ this project will not be compatible with Slack Version 3.4 or below. If you're looking for 3.4.x compatible settings please refer to this.

colorful - Terminal string styling done right, in Python :snake: :tada:

  •    Python

Note: on a Windows system it will install colorama as a dependency to ensure proper ANSI support. These days terminals not only support the ancient 8 ANSI colors but often they support up to 16 Million colors with true color. And if they don't support true color they might support the 256 ANSI color palette at least.