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OSX-KVM - Run El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave on QEMU/KVM

  •    Shell

For macOS High Sierra, follow README.md for High Sierra. Consult this document for debugging and general tips. See the debugging section below and closed issues before opening a new issue.

macOS-UI-Kit - :gem: A retina optimized macOS Sierra UI Kit for Sketch (including Touch Bar)


This macOS Sierra UI Kit is designed at 1x scale, but with retina displays in mind! So if you open this on a non-retina screen it may looks a little blurry. I think we're missing some good retina UI Kits for Mac, so I've created this based on Apple's fine retina display style. Any feedback is appreciated! Just take a look at the issues, or leave me a comment on dribbble or Product Hunt.

PiPTool - Add the Picture-in-Picture Functionality to YouTube, Netflix, Plex and other video broadcasting services in macOS Sierra

  •    Javascript

PiPTool is a Safari 10 extension built to add the Picture-in-Picture functionality to the video players that do not have it implemented. For example, YouTube or DailyMotion don't have the default HTML5 video player, so Safari cannot add the PiP button. This is where PiP Tool comes in place.

PIPContainer - An easy to use interface for picture-in-picture on macOS 10.12 and later

  •    Objective-C

An NSViewController subclass that can present its child view controller in picture-in-picture mode. Please note that this project links against PIP.framework, which is private. Don't try to submit apps using this to the App Store.

ansible-macos-playbook - Mac setup and configuration via Ansible.

  •    Shell

This is the playbook I use after a clean install of MacOS to set everything up. My dotfiles are managed with yadm and stored in a private git repository which is pulled in the first time the playbook is run. The repository is private because it includes sensitive data like private keys and GitHub tokens. This approach allows me to only need the login data of the dotfiles repo provider when setting up a computer from scratch.

mac-setup - 🛠️ Front end web development setup for macOS.

  •    Shell

This document describes how I set up front end web development environment on my MacBook Air with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. After a clean install of operating system, there are a couple of tweaks I like to make to the System Preferences. Some of them are not strictly related to web development environment - I use them because of my personal habits.

Sculpt-Comfort-Mission-Control - Switch desktops on your Mac with any mouse

  •    Objective-C

It's an app that lets you switch between virtual desktops on your Mac. With a mouse! And not only with Sculpt Comfort, any mouse will do. But you really want a mouse with at least two additional buttons. 10.12+. Support for earlier versions is dropped.

Jumpcut - A clipboard buffer for macOS, originally written by snarkout and fixed to compile on macOS 10

  •    Objective-C

A clipboard buffer for macOS, originally written by snarkout and fixed to compile on macOS 10.12. For more details, please see the original project page.