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MindsDB - In-Database Machine Learning

  •    Python

MindsDB enables you to use ML predictions in your database using SQL. MindsDB automates and abstracts machine learning models through virtual AI Tables. It can easily make predictions over very complex multivariate time-series data with high cardinality.

tf-bridge - Tensor Bridge: OpenAPI spec and REST wrapper around TensorFlow Serving

  •    Python

Tensor Bridge is an OpenAPI Specification as well as a simple Connexion wrapper for TensorFlow Serving. The specification was obtained by compiling an annotated tensor_bridge.proto using grpc-gateway. The result is located in swagger/tensor_bridge.json.

SuperCell - Public tutorials and code that accompanies articles

  •    Jupyter

Hello, and welcome to indico's repo for public tutorials and the code that accompanies technical articles. Many of these tutorials use indico API's, so you'll need to get a (free) API key. Go to indico.io to register (or to generate a new key if you've already registered and forgotten our old key).

DynaML - Scala Library/REPL for Machine Learning Research

  •    Scala

DynaML is a Scala & JVM Machine Learning toolbox for research, education & industry. Interactive. Don't want to create Maven/sbt project skeletons every time you want to try out ideas? Create and execute scala worksheets in the DynaML shell. DynaML comes packaged with a customized version of the Ammonite REPL, with auto-complete, file operations and scripting capabilities.

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