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tf-bridge - Tensor Bridge: OpenAPI spec and REST wrapper around TensorFlow Serving

  •    Python

Tensor Bridge is an OpenAPI Specification as well as a simple Connexion wrapper for TensorFlow Serving. The specification was obtained by compiling an annotated tensor_bridge.proto using grpc-gateway. The result is located in swagger/tensor_bridge.json.

SuperCell - Public tutorials and code that accompanies articles

  •    Jupyter

Hello, and welcome to indico's repo for public tutorials and the code that accompanies technical articles. Many of these tutorials use indico API's, so you'll need to get a (free) API key. Go to indico.io to register (or to generate a new key if you've already registered and forgotten our old key).

DynaML - Scala Library/REPL for Machine Learning Research

  •    Scala

DynaML is a Scala & JVM Machine Learning toolbox for research, education & industry. Interactive. Don't want to create Maven/sbt project skeletons every time you want to try out ideas? Create and execute scala worksheets in the DynaML shell. DynaML comes packaged with a customized version of the Ammonite REPL, with auto-complete, file operations and scripting capabilities.