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spoof - Easily spoof your MAC address in OS X & Linux!

  •    Javascript

Node.js port of the popular SpoofMAC Python utility (GitHub: feross/SpoofMAC).I made this because changing your MAC address in OS X is harder than it should be. The Wi-Fi card needs to be manually disassociated from any connected networks in order for the change to apply correctly – super annoying! Doing this manually each time is tedious and lame.

LinkLiar - :link: Link-Layer MAC spoofing GUI for macOS

  •    Swift

This is an intuitive macOS status menu application written in Swift to help you spoof the MAC addresses of your Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces. It is free as in open-source. Should you like to motivate me, you may click on the ✭ in the top-right corner.

getmac - Get the mac address of the current machine you are on via Node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

Discover the release history by heading on over to the HISTORY.md file.Discover how you can contribute by heading on over to the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

oui - Look up MAC addresses for their vendor in the IEEE OUI database

  •    Javascript

The data used in this module comes from the Sanitized IEEE OUI Data which is updated once a week on Sunday. The module is also able self-update on demand. There's also a browser version available as oui.web.min.js which uses a reduced dataset that only contains the vendor name.

manuf - Parser library for Wireshark's OUI database.

  •    Python

Converts MAC addresses into a manufacturer using Wireshark's OUI database. Optimized for quick lookup performance by reading the entire file into memory on initialization. Maps ranges of MAC addresses to manufacturers and comments (descriptions). Contains full support for netmasks and other strange things in the database.

node-macaddress - Get the MAC addresses (hardware addresses) of the hosts network interfaces.

  •    Javascript

Retrieve MAC addresses in Linux, OS X, and Windows. A common misconception about MAC addresses is that every host had one MAC address, while a host may have multiple MAC addresses – since every network interface may have its own MAC address.

netpwn - Tool made to automate tasks of pentesting.

  •    Python

Modules reverse_shell - Creates a reverse shell with python to connect to a specific machine of your choice. send_file - Allows you to send a file to target server. php_backdoor - Generates a simple backdoor in php upload to web server ?cmd= to execute commands. hash_check - Paste a hash to see what type of hash it is. base64_converter - Paste base64 to decode or ascii to encode it knows which you want. address_info - Gives you your ipv4, ipv6, and public Ip address based upon a interface. hex_converter - Paste some ascii to encode or hex to decode it knows which you want. page_contents - Get the raw HTML of a given web page. password_checker - Check the strength of a given password. fake_identity - Creates a fake name with SSN, address, credit card number, etc. web_spider - Crawls a given URL for links. ssl_cert - Gets the cert information of a given web site and its public key. bash - Execute bash commands without exiting out of netpwn. whois - Performs whois on a given URL. crypto - Encrypts or decrypts a file with AES. no_endian - Removes endianness on DWORDS. rot13_converter - Encodes/decodes rot13. url_converter - Url encoded and decodes string. html_converter - Html enconded and decodes string. Resources cheat_sheet - Pentest monkey reverse shell cheat sheet opcodes - Prints out all x86 OpCodes. useful_links - Links to blogs, youtube channels, and other resources that offer good information about various topics that gives you the opportunity to learn more about the infosec field.

openmoko-usb-oui - USB Product ID allocations for Free Software / Open Hardware


As the openmoko products have been discontinued, Openmoko Inc. has been opening up the use of its USB Vendor ID and IEEE OUI for use by the Free and Open Source software and hardware communities. This means you can simply register your devices and will get an allocation of a Product ID for free. In order to request a product ID, please send an pull-request to the openmoko-usb-oui github project.