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expressCart - A fully functioning Node

  •    Javascript

expressCart is a fully functional shopping cart built in Node.js (Express, MongoDB) with Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net payments. Note: Node.js version 7.x or greater is needed.

jekyll-lunr-js-search - [UNSUPPORTED] Jekyll + lunr

  •    Javascript

Use lunr.js to provide simple full-text search, using JavaScript in your browser, for your Jekyll static website. Inspired by Pascal Widdershoven's Jekyll + indextank and Michael Levin's Sitemap.xml Generator plugins.

jekyll-theme-basically-basic - Your new Jekyll default theme

  •    CSS

If you're running Jekyll v3.5+ and self-hosting you can quickly install the theme as a Ruby gem. If you're hosting with GitHub Pages you can install as a remote theme or directly copy all of the theme files (see structure below) into your project. GitHub Pages has added full support for any GitHub-hosted theme.

lunr-index-builder - A simple command line too for building lunr indexes

  •    Javascript

A simple command line tool for building lunr indexes. lunr-index-builder reads your data from stdin and outputs a built index on stdout. You need to specify some fields to index from your input data and, optionally the ref for the documents. These options map directly to those of lunr.js itself so see that documentation for more details.

backlunr - is a solution to bring Backbone Collections together with the browser fulltext search engine Lunr

  •    Javascript

is a solution to bring Backbone Collections together with the browser fulltext search engine Lunr.js. Then add the backlunr.js script to your page.

middleman-search - LunrJS-based search for Middleman

  •    Ruby

LunrJS-based search for Middleman. Note that a special field id is included automatically, with an autogenerated identifier to be used as the ref for the document.

react-search-example - :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend: An example of using React with D3, Lunr

  •    CSS

Head over to the Releases to download the desktop version. You first need to clone the project on your computer, and to install Node. This project also uses nvm.

lunr-chinese - Lunr.js support library for Chinese

  •    Javascript

Lunr addon, do words segment with nodejieba locally. Build based on lunr v0.72 and nodejieba, add chinese tokenize and search available to lunr.

lunr-mutable-indexes - Mutable indexes for lunr.js 2.1.x

  •    Javascript

With the release of lunr.js 2.0, lunr removed the ability to update existing indexes with new data. While the space benefits of this change are nice, some users need the flexibility of updating their indexes with new data. That's what this library is for. A simple search index can be created with the familiar lunr syntax; just substitute lunr-mutable for lunr.

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