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emojipacks - CLI to bulk upload emojis to your Slack

  •    HTML

Note you must have node and npm installed. If you don't, go to nodejs.org and follow the install instructions there. Note that the emoji pack to upload can be a path to a yaml file on your machine or a URL, like http://www.emojipacks.com/packs/food.yaml.

X_files - Compendium of strange codes, forbidden recipes, fallen functions... to Win32

  •    C

This is a compendium of strange underground codes to make a joke, forbidden recipes, fallen functions... only to Windows platforms. Keep out of malicious feelings, Only to study security purposes.

big_download - Big Download - Node express middleware for zipbombing vuln scanners

  •    Javascript

Thanks to Christian Haschek for writing a blog post about this which encouraged my to clean up this repo a little bit. Fun fact: The compression ratio of /dev/zero is approximately 1000:1 so you can do more with less.

langterm - 🕹️ WebGL-based VT220 emulator, made as a learning example and frontend for a text adventure

  •    HTML

This is a WebGL-based VT220 emulator with a simple fallback for non-JS/non-WebGL/non-desktop browsers. Made as a learning example and frontend for a cute text adventure game. Also used as my home page on https://langworth.com/, hence the extra files.

poormansmtproto - MTProto прокси почти не отличимый от оригинала

  •    Python

Disclaimer: if this probe does not trigger RST from DPI it does not mean that MTProto proxy works for you.

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