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lossless-cut - Cross platform GUI tool for lossless trimming / cutting of video and audio files using ffmpeg

  •    Javascript

Simple, cross platform tool for lossless trimming/cutting of video and audio files. Great for rough processing of large video files taken from a video camera, GoPro, drone, etc. It lets you quickly extract the good parts from your videos and discard GBs of data without losing quality. It doesn't do any decoding / encoding and is therefore extremely fast. This app uses the awesome ffmpeg (included) for doing the grunt work. Since LosslessCut is based on Chromium and uses the HTML5 video player, not all ffmpeg supported formats will be supported. The following formats/codecs should generally work: MP4, MOV, WebM, MKV, OGG, WAV, MP3, AAC, H264, Theora, VP8, VP9 For more information about supported formats / codecs, see https://www.chromium.org/audio-video. Note that the MPEG TS format is not supported. See known issues.

Brunsli - Lossless JPEG repacking library

  •    C++

Brunsli is a lossless JPEG repacking library. Brunsli allows for a 22% decrease in file size while allowing the original JPEG to be recovered byte-by-byte. Brunsli has been specified as the lossless JPEG transport layer in the Committee Draft of JPEG XL Image Coding System and is ready to power faster and more economical transfer and storage of photographs.

Leanify - lightweight lossless file minifier/optimizer

  •    C

Leanify is a lightweight lossless file minifier/optimizer. It removes unnecessary data (debug information, comments, metadata, etc.) and recompress the file to reduce file size. It will not reduce image quality at all. I'm not respossible for any consequence of using Leanify.

jsonml - JsonML-related tools for losslessly converting between XML/HTML and JSON, including mixed-mode XML

  •    Javascript

The utilities here represent a variety of JsonML-related tools for losslessly converting between XML/HTML and JSON. These are intended for use within a browser context for working with DOM representations of XML / HTML in JavaScript. A proof of concept XSLT is also included for converting from XML to JsonML. JsonML-encoding is intended for situations of mixed-mode XML/HTML, i.e., where text nodes sit as siblings to element nodes. There isn't a natural JSON encoding for mixed-mode documents, and at worst the representation degrades to modeling DOM nodes themselves. JsonML is a more compact representation of mixed-mode XML/HTML which does not lose the structure of the original markup.

JPEGLosslessDecoderJS - A JPEG Lossless decoder (JavaScript).

  •    Javascript

A common DICOM compression format is JPEG Lossless. This format is generally not supported in standard JPEG decoder libraries. This will output lossless.js and lossless-min.js to build/.

destroyer - :crystal_ball::skull::crystal_ball: open-source lossless audio player

  •    Javascript

Note: Destroyer is dependant on metadata — it can process Vorbis comments as well as ID3 (1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4) tags. Please ensure your collection is properly formatted.

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