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loopback-next - LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations

  •    TypeScript

LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations.LoopBack 4 is a work in progress, the public API is frequently changed in backwards-incompatible ways. See Upcoming-Releases on wiki for more details.

Windows 8 Loopback Exemption Manager

  •    CSharp

GUI to enable Loopback Exemptions for Windows 8 Modern UI Apps

loopback-datasource-juggler - Connect Loopback to various Data Sources

  •    Javascript

An ORM/ODM that provides a common set of interfaces for interacting with databases, REST APIs, and other types of data sources. It was originally forked from JugglingDB.Learn more about our LTS plan in the LoopBack documentation.

loopback-example-offline-sync - Offline sync, change tracking, and replication.

  •    Javascript

You must have node and git installed. It's recommended to have mongod installed too, so that the data is preserved across application restarts.Clone the repo.

loopback-connector-rest - Connect Loopback to a REST API

  •    Javascript

This will install the module from npm and add it as a dependency to the application's package.json file.Use the data source generator to add a REST data source to your application.

loopback-context - Current context for LoopBack applications, based on node-continuation-local-storage

  •    Javascript

Current context for LoopBack applications, based on cls-hooked.cls-hooked module uses undocumented AsyncWrap API that was introduced to Node.js relatively recently. While this new API seems to be more reliable than the old async-listener used by continuation-local-storage, there are still cases where the context (local storage) is not preserved correctly. Please consider this risk before using loopback-context.

loopback-filters - implements LoopBack-style filtering.

  •    Javascript

This module implements LoopBack style filtering without any dependencies on LoopBack.Only include objects that match the specified where clause. See full list of supported operators.

loopback-oracle-installer - Loopback Oracle Installer

  •    Javascript

The Oracle connector version 3.0.0 or above depends on the oracledb module as the Node.js driver for Oracle databases. Since oracledb is a C++ add-on, the installation requires C++ development tools to compile and build the module from source code. For more information, see Installing compiler tools.At runtime, strong-oracle also requires dynamic libraries from  Oracle Database Instant Client.

loopback-sdk-angular - Service for auto-generating Angular $resource services for LoopBack

  •    Javascript

NOTE: The loopback-sdk-angular module supersedes loopback-angular. Please update your package.json accordingly.The JavaScript AngularJS SDK provides an API based on ngResource.$resource that enable your AngularJS app to access a LoopBack server application.

loopback-sdk-angular-cli - CLI tools for auto-generating Angular $resource services for LoopBack

  •    Javascript

NOTE: The loopback-sdk-angular-cli module supersedes loopback-angular-cli. Please update your package.json accordingly.CLI tools for the LoopBack AngularJS SDK.

loopback-swagger - LoopBack Swagger Spec Integration

  •    Javascript

Utilities to transform between Swagger API specs and LoopBack remoting metadata.

loopback-workspace - Manage a directory of LoopBack projects for a user, team, or organization

  •    Javascript

The loopback-workspace itself is a loopback component. The following will load the workspace in the current working directory (process.cwd()).To start the workspace in a specific directory, specify the WORKSPACE_DIR env variable.

strong-arc - StrongLoop Arc has been replaced by API Connect

  •    Javascript

StrongLoop Arc was formerly known as Studio.Please see the official documentation.

strong-express-metrics - An Express middleware for collecting HTTP statistics.

  •    Javascript

An Express middleware for collecting HTTP statistics.You can extend the metrics reported by the middleware by providing a builder function. The output of this builder function will be merged with the default record produced by the middleware.

strong-remoting - Communicate between objects in servers, mobile apps, and other servers.

  •    Javascript

For higher-level transports, such as REST and Socket.IO, existing clients will work well. If you want to be able to swap out your transport, use one of our supported clients. The same adapter model available on the server applies to clients, so you can switch transports on both the server and all clients without changing your application-specific code.Learn more about our LTS plan in docs.

generator-loopback - Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a LoopBack application

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a loopback application.See the documentation for more information.

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