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agent - Prometheus Metrics, Loki Logs, and Tempo Traces, optimized for Grafana Cloud.

  •    Go

On top of these, the Grafana Agent enables easier sharding mechanisms that enable users to shard Agents across their cluster and lower the memory requirements per machine. A typical deployment of the Grafana Agent for Prometheus metrics can see up to a 40% reduction in memory usage with equal scrape loads.

Otomi- The complete DevOps experience for Kubernetes

  •    Shell

Otomi is an open-source cloud-agnostic platform to run on top of Kubernetes to securely deploy, run and manage applications with a desktop-like user interface. Otomi is free, easy to install, comes with an intuitive desktop-like UI and ready to use pre-configured built-in applications to offer an out-of-the-box experience. Just like you would expect from your favorite Linux distribution. After installing Otomi on Kubernetes, you can log in and immediately start deploying and use all the built-in applications.

chiamon - Example Chia monitoring stack

  •    Dockerfile

This includes a docker-compose configuration to run everything, but this is primarily intended for development and testing. WARNING this is NOT a one-click install, expect to need to do some work setting everything up for your machine. PLEASE read the notes below and understand what all the services are, what they do, and how they work together.

toptal-electron-loki-demo - Electron: Cross-platform Desktop Apps Made Easy

  •    Javascript

A password keychain desktop app built with Electron & Loki.js.

connect-loki - A Loki.js session store for Connect/Express

  •    Javascript

Pass the express-session store into connect-loki to create a LokiStore constructor. Setting the path to the database file is optional but recommended.

elementary-ide - An unofficial elementary OS (Vala) oriented IDE.

  •    Vala

An unofficial elementary OS (Vala) oriented IDE. And then follow the previous elementary OS (Loki) instructions.

loki - :pencil: Loki is library that includes helpers for building powerful interactive command line applications, tasks, modules

  •    Elixir

Loki is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces. Helpers for interaction with user and printing message to shell.

Loki - Loki is the Learning Management System for HackBulgaria's courses

  •    Python

Loki is the Learning Management System used by HackBulgaria for their courses. It stores the website & the LMS in one. APIs used by the HackFMI app are also located here. The project is integrated with a grader system for code checking & fast feedback loop for the students.

VictoriaLogs - Loki On VictoriaMetrics

  •    Go

This project experimentally supports the loki protocol on the VictoriaMetrics Cluster, and the performance may be better than original loki. Set loki datasource endpoint as, If you call it manually, the full URL is

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