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Flogger - A Fluent Logging API for Java from Google

  •    Java

Flogger is a fluent logging API for Java. It supports a wide variety of features, and has many benefits over existing logging APIs. Logging at disabled levels is effectively free. Finally, you can add as many fine-grained log statements to your code as you want, without worry. Flogger also has very high performance for enabled log statements.

Essential Diagnostics


Using and extending System.Diagnostics trace logging. This project uses the inbuilt features of the System.Diagnostics namespace, and shows how logging and tracing can be integrated into a client application whilst taking advantage of the services exposed by System.Diagnostics.

Trance Layer


TranceLayer is a fast and flexible logging and / or diagnostics framework for .NET. It allows you to plug it into an existing or new application with minimal changes to the code. Or it can be used as in classic scenarios of logging things along the way at different levels.