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inversify-logger-middleware - A basic logger middleware for InversifyJS

  •    TypeScript

A console logger middleware for InversifyJS. The inversify-logger-middleware type definitions are included in the npm module and require TypeScript 2.0. Please refer to the InversifyJS documentation to learn more about the installation process.

guzzle-log-middleware - A logger middleware for guzzle

  •    PHP

This is a middleware for guzzle that will help you automatically log every request and response using a PSR-3 logger. The middleware is functional with Guzzle 6.

volleyball - 🏐 Tiny HTTP logger for Express showing asynchronous requests and responses

  •    Javascript

Volleyball is a minimal Connect-style middleware function which logs incoming requests and outgoing responses as separate events. It optionally supports the debug module. Volleyball takes the last approach, and assigns randomly-generated ids to label request-response pairs. It is designed for student project development, teaching beginning programmers how HTTP servers and asynchronicity work. It may also be useful as a low-configuration debug tool.