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adbkit - A pure Node.js client for the Android Debug Bridge.

  •    CoffeeScript

adbkit is a pure Node.js client for the Android Debug Bridge server. It can be used either as a library in your own application, or simply as a convenient utility for playing with your device. Most of the adb command line tool's functionality is supported (including pushing/pulling files, installing APKs and processing logs), with some added functionality such as being able to generate touch/key events and take screenshots. Some shims are provided for older devices, but we have not and will not test anything below Android 2.3.

nassau - a logcat's gui client

  •    Swift

Logcat’s Log is very useful when developing android apps. but there’s not an easy way to efficiently use these information. pidcat is great and convenience, but lack some key features, like cycle through tags. so I think there should be a GUI tool to make use of logcat’s logs, that’s why Nassau is created.

rogcat - A `adb logcat` wrapper

  •    Rust

Except the human and html format the output of rogcat is parseable by rogcat.

DebugOverlay-Android - Android library to display various debugging information in an overlay window

  •    Java

DebugOverlay is an Android library that allows developers to easily add custom overlay window/view for debugging purpose. You can use it to show some performance related metrics such as cpu, memory, and fps. Or you can show logcat messages within your app for light debugging.

adbkit-logcat - A Node.js interface for working with Android's logcat output.

  •    Javascript

adbkit-logcat provides a Node.js interface for working with output produced by the Android logcat tool. It takes a log stream (that you must create separately), parses it, and emits log entries in real-time as they occur. Possible use cases include storing logs in a database, forwarding logs via MessagePack, or just advanced filtering. Exposes Priority. See below for details.