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Chalk - Terminal string styling done right

  •    Javascript

Chalk comes with an easy to use composable API where you just chain and nest the styles you want. Chain styles and call the last one as a method with a string argument. Order doesn't matter, and later styles take precedent in case of a conflict. This simply means that chalk.red.yellow.green is equivalent to chalk.green.

cli-color - Colors and formatting for the console

  •    Javascript

Colors, formatting and other goodies for the console. This package won't mess with built-ins and provides neat way to predefine formatting patterns, see below. Styles will display correctly if font used in your console supports them.

tap-dev-tool - prettifies TAP in the browser's console

  •    Javascript

Prettify TAP output in Chrome/FireFox DevTools console. Works best with tape.Comes in the form of a Browserify plugin, so you don't need to change your source code during development. PRs for other integrations (Babel, Webpack) welcome.

gradient-string - :rainbow: Beautiful color gradients in terminal output

  •    Javascript

The colors are parsed with TinyColor, multiple formats are accepted.In some cases, you may want to apply the same horizontal gradient on each line of a long text (or a piece of ASCII art).

yalog - Custom request logger for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

module is object defined automatically by Node.js. This allows you to copy and paste the line into each file and leverage your filename. The file name matching is done with module.id or the filename with the working directory and trailing '.js' removed. If you don't want automatic module names, replace it with your desired string name. Arguments are not inspected unless the log level allows for printing of the statement. This avoids unnecessary object serialization calls before submitting your log statements.

browser-logger - A dead simple logger, designed to be perfect for the browser.

  •    Javascript

A dead simple logger, designed to be perfect for the browser. Given an API which is what you'd expect...

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