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node-bunyan - a simple and fast JSON logging module for node.js services

  •    Javascript

Manifesto: Server logs should be structured. JSON's a good format. Let's do that. A log record is one line of JSON.stringify'd output. Let's also specify some common names for the requisite and common fields for a log record (see below).Stable. I do my best to follow semver: i.e. you should only need to worry about code breaking for a major version bump. Bunyan currently supports node 0.10 and greater. Follow @trentmick for updates to Bunyan.

S3Appender (Appender for Log4Net that Uses Amazon S3 For Storing Log Files)


The S3Appender is a log4net appender that stores log events in either a MemoryStream or FileStream and sends them to S3 based on time intervals and size thresholds.


  •    CSharp

这也是算是一种学习的方法和态度吧,经常去学习和总结,写下一点对于ABP(ABP是“ASP.NET Boilerplate Project (ASP.NET样板项目)”的简称)框架的理解和运用.

logstash-gelf - Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF) implementation in Java for all major logging frameworks: log4j, log4j2, java

  •    Java

See also http://logging.paluch.biz/ or http://www.graylog2.org/resources/gelf/specification for further documentation.You need to install the library with its dependencies (see download above) in Glassfish. Place it below the $GFHOME/glassfish/domains/$YOURDOMAIN/lib/ext/ path, then add the Java Util Logging to your logging.properties file.

lilith - Lilith is a Logging- and AccessEvent viewer for Logback

  •    Java

Lilith (@lilithapp) is a logging and access event viewer for Logback, log4j™, Log4j 2™ and java.util.logging. It has features roughly comparable to Chainsaw for log4j™, but with an emphasis on stability, high performance and throughput. In contrast to Chainsaw, it is handling received logging events using the hard disk instead of keeping them in memory. Because of this, it is able to handle millions of events from several sources at the same time.

akka-log4j - Logging backend for Akka based on Log4j

  •    Scala

akka-log4j is a logging backend implementation for Akka based on Log4j 2. It is an alternative to the official akka-slf4j backend which uses SLF4J. Contributions via GitHub pull requests are gladly accepted from their original author. Along with any pull requests, please state that the contribution is your original work and that you license the work to the project under the project's open source license. Whether or not you state this explicitly, by submitting any copyrighted material via pull request, email, or other means you agree to license the material under the project's open source license and warrant that you have the legal authority to do so.

slf4j-timber - SLF4J binding for Jake Wharton's Timber Android logging library

  •    Java

Don't forget to plant tree to Timber, check Timber usage. Note: timber and slf4j-api are the transitive dependencies of slf4j-timber, so you don't need to take care of them in Maven POM and Gradle build script.

browser-bunyan - An adaptation of, the Node logging library, Bunyan specifically for the browser.

  •    Javascript

This package is an adaptation of, the Node logging library, Bunyan but specifically for the browser. Although Bunyan does support being Browserified, it is still a bit bloated with features which aren't relevant in a browser environment. You can expect a Browserified and Gzipped node-bunyan to be around 27kb whereas browser-bunyan is 3.5kb, including its built-in log streams. With ES Modules and tree-shaking this can be reduced further.

loggers - Abstract logging for Golang projects. A kind of log4go in the spirit of log4j

  •    Go

loggers define an abstract and common logging interface in three flavors. Well this package should help. Install and call log.Info("Log all my stuff") and you're off and you can easily switch out loggers later with only a single line of code.

bunyan-rotating-file-stream - Is an endpoint for bunyan that lets you control how much disk space logs take

  •    Javascript

Bunyan Rotating File Stream is a stream component for the logging system "node bunyan" that provides rich and flexible control over your log files. Tests have been added to ensure that this feature keeps working in the future. Note that this feature may not work as expected with linux on EXT4.

ErRabbit - Remote logging console server using Log4j. Visual exception stackTrace log view.

  •    Java

ErRabbit(Error Rabbit) is useful error remote tracking service with Visual View. Collecting by Log4j, slf4j(by Plinio Freire) and ActiveMQ will make it easy compatible with other programs. 한국어 설명은 이곳에 있습니다.

cloudwatchlogs-java-appender - Java log appender for AWS CloudWatch Logs when running within Boxfuse instances

  •    Java

The Boxfuse Java log appender for AWS CloudWatch Logs is a Logback and Log4J2 appender that ships your log events directly and securely to AWS CloudWatch Logs via HTTPS. All log events are structured and standardized. Each Boxfuse environment maps to an AWS CloudWatch Logs LogGroup which contains one LogStream per application.

bootstrap-akka-http - bootstrap template for akka-http services

  •    Scala

This is a boilerplate template for a akka http service with slick and flyway database migration. You can use it to create your own REST Services on top of the lightbend stack. For launching application in Docker, you must configure database docker instance and run docker image, generated by sbt.

pince - A Logging framework for Node.js and Meteor

  •    CoffeeScript

Pince is a lightweight logger that combines some of the best properties of log4j and node. It's equally usable in Node, (most) browsers, and Meteor (client and server). It was developed for MadEye.

bootstrap-akka-graphql - bootstrap template for akka microservices with an graphql endpoint

  •    Scala

This is a boilerplate template for a akka graphql microservice with slick and flyway database migration. You can use it to create your own GraphQL Services on top of the lightbend stack. For launching application in Docker, you must configure database docker instance and run docker image, generated by sbt.