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LocationManager - Simplify getting user's location for Android

  •    Java

To get location on Android Devices, there are 'some' steps you need to go through! What are those? Let's see... All of these steps, just to retrieve user's current location. And in every application, you need to reconsider what you did and what you need to add for this time.

android - Where you can find everything Android from Mapzen

  •    Java

The Mapzen Android SDK is a thin wrapper that packages up everything you need to use Mapzen services in your Android applications. It also simplifies setup, installation, API key management and generally makes your life better. For a working example please refer to the SDK sample app.

HLFMapViewController - :round_pushpin: Map modal for searching and selecting a location

  •    Swift

A generic implementation of a common feature: searching and selecting a nearby location from an MKMapView. This version uses Swift 3. The final Swift 2 version is 0.2.5.

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