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realm-js - Realm is a mobile database: an alternative to SQLite & key-value stores

  •    Javascript

Realm is a mobile database that runs directly inside phones, tablets or wearables. This project hosts the JavaScript versions of Realm. Currently we only support React Native (both iOS & Android) and Node.js (on MacOS and Linux) but we are considering adding support for Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic as well.Please see the detailed instructions in our docs to use Realm Javascript.

js-data - Give your data the treatment it deserves with a framework-agnostic, datastore-agnostic JavaScript ORM built for ease of use and peace of mind

  •    Javascript

JSData v3 is now stable!. Some adapters still need to be updated to work with v3. Message @jmdobry on the JSData Slack channel if you want to help with tests, documentation, tutorials, adapters, etc.JSData is a framework-agnostic, datastore-agnostic ORM for Node.js and the Browser.

RxDB - A realtime Database for the Web

  •    Javascript

RxDB is a realtime Database for the Web. It is reactive data-handling based on RxJS. It helps App to work even without internet. It supports Mango-Query, Encryption, Import/Export of database and lot more.

redux-storage - Persistence layer for redux with flexible backends

  •    Javascript

Save and load the Redux state with ease. And you need to install at least one redux-storage-engine, as redux-storage is only the "management core".

histore - 🏬 200b key-value store backed by navigation state

  •    Javascript

Histore [his·to·ry]: a 200b key-value store backed by navigation state. Don't worry, here's a strange but widely supported way to store 640kb of object data in a page's navigation state.

localStorageDB - A simple database layer for localStorage and sessionStorage for creating structured data in the form of databases and tables

  •    Javascript

localStorageDB is a simple layer over localStorage (and sessionStorage) that provides a set of functions to store structured data like databases and tables. It provides basic insert/update/delete/query capabilities. localStorageDB has no dependencies, and is not based on WebSQL. Underneath it all, the structured data is stored as serialized JSON in localStorage or sessionStorage. Browsers need to support "Local Storage" in order to make localeStorageDB working.

mindb - Database on JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Storing and structuring your application data on JavaScript. Providing a standard Store Interface and Redis-like API that you can use in wherever. Common key-value via such as SET, GET, etc.

couchie - Minimalist localStorage database API. Works well as a cache for CouchDB documents.

  •    Javascript

In the future couchie may implement a few features that require a non-blocking API. The first is lock() which would queue any changes coming in to the database until the lock is removed. The second is pagination across documents for large operations, basically wrapping all the synchronous file access in setTimeout calls so that we don't block the main event loop on large db operations. When localStorage is not available couchie assumes the environment is node.js and will write to the filesystem. In this case the name of the database is a directory to write files.

BlazorDB - In memory, persisted to localstorage, database for .net Blazor browser framework

  •    CSharp

This library like Blazor itself is experimental and API is likely to change. Set LogDebug to see debug output in the browser console.

datastore - :hamster: Bloat free and flexible interface for data store and database access.

  •    Javascript

Datastore is a bloat free interface for data store and database access. Datastore's goal is to help you focus on a single API without committing to one type of data storage. Thus you can easily switch in the middle of your projects from a in-memory store to any kind of database without changing a single line of code.