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react-native-localize - 🌍 A toolbox for your React Native app localization (formerly react-native-languages)

  •    Javascript

A toolbox for your React Native app localization. This project was known as react-native-languages and has been renamed to reflect new APIs possibilities. Find more informations about this change here.

Xaml Localization Tool

  •    Silverlight

Xaml Localization Tool, a extension for vs2010. Help to generate .resx files from xaml. So you can use it in any application contain xaml, such as silverlight application, windows phone application and wpf application. Xaml?????, vs2010?????. ????????xaml??????????????,????...

counterpart - A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

A translation and localization library for Node.js and the browser. The project is inspired by Ruby's famous I18n gem. This function expects a key and options as arguments and translates, pluralizes and interpolates a given key using a given locale, scope, and fallback, as well as interpolation values.

react-translate-component - A component for React that utilizes the Counterpart module to provide multi-lingual/localized text content

  •    Javascript

Translate is a component for React that utilizes the Counterpart module and the Interpolate component to provide multi-lingual/localized text content. It allows switching locales without a page reload. Here is a quick-start tutorial to get you up and running with Translate. It's a step-by-step guide on how to build a simple app that uses the Translate component from scratch. We assume you have recent versions of Node.js and npm installed.

react-localize - A simple context wrapper and text localization component for localizing strings.

  •    Javascript

A simple context wrapper and text localization component for localizing strings. <Localization /> exposes a localize(key, values) function that is passed through ReactJS Context to all children in the render tree it wraps. It takes a messages property that should be formatted like { 'mykey.path.to.Value': 'Value' } or { myKey: { path: { to: { Value: 'Value' } } } }.

local.js - Localization script for web sites which has the multiple languages.

  •    Javascript

Localization script for web sites which has the multiple languages. These values will be defined in the json language object.

metalsmith-multi-language - Create multi-language websites in Metalsmith

  •    Javascript

The plugin needs both a default locale and the supported locales list. Note that default repeats in the locales array. default will act as the main locale while the others will be the secondary ones. Note that this plugin does not handle URL generation, if you need URLs in the :locale/:slug format or similar check metalsmith-permalinks.

ecma402 - ECMA-402 JavaScript Internationalization API "shim"

  •    Javascript

This project provides an implementation of the ECMA-402 JavaScript Internationalization APIs standard for number formatting ( Intl.NumberFormat ) and date and time formatting ( Intl.DateTimeFormat ). Collation ( Intl.Collator ) is not currently supported. Current release is version 1.0, published 2015-07-08.

translatedjs - Internationalization and localization for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    Javascript

Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library. This library uses ECMAScript Internationalization API and industry standards ICU Message Format and Unicode CLDR locale data. It is build on top of intl-messageformat and intl-relativeformat packages from Yahoo Inc..

cldrjs - Simple CLDR traverser

  •    Javascript

CLDR (unicode.org) provides locale content for i18n software. The data is provided in two formats: LDML (XML format) and JSON. Our goal is to provide a simple layer to facilitate i18n software to access and use the official CLDR JSON data. See Usage and installation.

mongoose-i18n-localize - Mongoose plugin to support i18n and localization

  •    Javascript

mongoose-i18n-localize is a mongoose plugin to support i18n and localization in your mongoose schemas. It seems like mongoose-i18n is not longer supported and I didn't get it to work on my machine, so I decided to write my own version.

gulp-l10n - A gulp plugin for localizing html.

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin that wraps s18n and provides simple tooling for localizing html. Perfect for static generated sites and applications. By default, this plugin generates localized html files and outputs them to a subdirectory for each locale, a popular pattern for localizing web content. For example: when example.com/about is localized with the de locale, it is placed at example.com/de/about.

s18n - Semantic localization for html.

  •    Javascript

S18n parses the content of html elements and attributes to extract text for translation. The automatically generated locale file can then be translated into multiple languages and used by s18n to localize the website or application. This can be particularly powerful for static-generated sites and applications. Gulp users interested in this use-case should see gulp-l10n, which wraps s18n.

v-localize - Simple localization plugin for the amazing Vue.js.

  •    CoffeeScript

V-Localize is a very simple localization plugin for Vue.js. Your localizations will be available anywhere in your web application wrapped in a Vue instance. V-Localize was developed using Vue.js 2.x, support for previous versions is not available.